Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bomb and Build

The location and size of the attacks on Lebanon is depicted in the image above. The image displays bombings up to 27th of July. Please click on it to have a better view.

Movement of the Displaced Population
The Israeli attack on the South and the southern suburbs of Beirut has caused a large number of people to flee their homes in the search of areas that have not as of yet been directly targeted by Israeli bombs. According to government sources, a total of 866,780 civilians are currently displaced with 106,780 seeking refuge in schools in Mount Lebanon and Beirut. The displaced have mainly found shelter in schools and relief agencies with government officials stating that approximately 652 have opened their doors for these innocent civilians, moreover; approximately 550,000 have found shelter with families, friends, churches, and mosques. The remaining displaced population has left Lebanon to settle in neighboring countries.

Displaced Data
106,780 people are sheltered in 652 schools
550,000 people are sheltered with families, friends, churches, mosques etc.
210,000 people are still in Syria, Jordan, Cyprus, and Gulf area.
Total of 866,780 people displaced

The table below provides a break down of displaces citizens that are seeking refuge in schools / other entities (non-household):

42,271 people are in 296 schools/other entities in Mount Lebanon
32,465 people are in 144 schools/other entities in Beirut
24,151 people are in 110 schools/other entities in South Lebanon
4,523 people are in 59 schools/other entities in Bekaa
3,370 people are in 43 schools/other entities in North Lebanon
Total of 106,780 people in 652 schools / other entities throughout Lebanon

Casualties / Damages
According to Lebanese government sources, the Israeli attack on Lebanon which commenced on July 12, 2006 has caused the death of 600 innocent civilians and the injury of 3,225.
Israeli bombardments have resulted in the destruction of airports, ports, TV stations, broadcasting antennas, bridges, roads, and villages. Preliminary figures reveal the following damage to infrastructure:

Description Quantity
Vital Points
(airports, ports,
water and sewage
electrical plants etc.): 27
Roads: 600 Km
Fuel Stations: 23
Bridges: 62
Over passes: 72
Private houses
/ apartments: 6,200
sector (factories,
markets, farms, etc.): 160

Demolished infrastructure has reached an estimate of 2 billion USD which is broken down as shown in the table below:

Division Approximate Damages (Million USD)
Transportation 386
Electricity 180
Telecommunications 85
Water 70
Housing and Trade Organizations 1,144
Industrial Organizations 180
Gas Stations 10
Military infrastructure 16
Total 2,071

Good thing President Bush pitched in to help reconstruct Lebanon last night. But unfortunately the true damages are far greater than simply the physical damages. One estimate is that the Lebanese economy is bleeding away at the rate of $70m a day, due to lost revenues from such major earners as construction and tourism. Others put the figure still higher. The Finance Minister stated that the real cost has exceeded several billion dollars since all major economic activities are completely halted. This includes tourism, aviation, import/export, agriculture and even industry. And this economic meltdown comes in light that Lebanon has the highest debt to GDP ratio in the world standing at 180% compared to GDP (debt is $38 billion). Some 50% of the government's revenues, which it acquires from economic activity, goes to servicing the debt. Whats next for Lebanon? An economic shock? Additionally, the credibilty of the economy has taken a severe blow. Lebanon was becoming a magnet for petro-dollars, now that the economy is in shatters I wonder if private sector money will trickle in.
A good thing though is that donations began to be awarded. Already Saudi Arabia donated $500 million and deposited $1 billion in the Central Bank to reinforce reserves. Additionally, and as mentioned earlier, Bush clearly stated that "we will reconstruct Lebanon, we will reconstruct all the houses so that people can go back home."
Oddly enough, the USA provides the bombs, and then reconstructs the houses. I wonder if Americans are happy tax payers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The damage to the cause of peace in the region cannot be captured from the awful reality of displaced people and destroyed assets and lost much was lost by turning productive we-want-to-live people to let-us-take-revenge people.........Isreal thrives on turning forward looking people to stunted backward looking people........the ethnic cleansing of 1948 that isreal calls war of independence continues in the form of moral cleansing

1:38 PM  
Blogger alya said...

Great post. Question: did you get the facts of the displaced from an official source? i would like to use them for a poster that i am working on is that ok? To be posted on:
thank you

6:34 PM  
Blogger mrtez said...

yes this is indeed from official government sources...
would be more than glad for you to use them...could you however email the poster when done so that we can post it here? we also linked ur blog, and would appreciate if you could do the same :-)
email is


8:30 PM  
Blogger faith said...

While I cannot speak for all US taxpayers, I can speak for myself and my family: We are tired of funding the Zionist cause and tired of being lumped in with those citizens who approve of the US Government's support of Israel. Unfortunately, both US political parties (Republican and Democrat) take the same stance on this issue because of the powerful pro-Zionist lobbies at work in this country. So, we are stuck for now with this horribly one-sided approach to Mid-East issues. If we dare speak out here, we are labeled, "anti-Semitic" to stifle the debate. (Most people here do not know that the Arabs, too, and not just the Jews, are a Semitic race!)

My heart goes out to you all! On behalf of my family, I pray this will end soon!

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Usama Al-Azm said...

I jsut heard Lebanese Justice Minister Rizq tell BBC on the radio that he asked the ministries of defence and interior to prepare a damages report that he would then ask the cabinet of ministers to sanction lodging with international agencies as a suit for compensation from israel. Good luck Mr. Minister. israel stole a whole country and is 58 years later still trying to steal more and thanks to america is getting away with her theft and subsequent crimes against humanity

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

as an american who is not jewish, you lose me when the map refers to israel as "occupied palestine."

if the west bank was labeled "occupied palestine" americans would understand, but the whole of israel, that's really to much for most of us.

to my fellow american: yes, arabs are semitic, but language changes over time. when people say "anti-semitic" they mean anti-jewish. sorry, that's a fact, that's how people in the western world use the term. it may be something to do with like, you know, that holocaust thing or whatever...

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an american and not a happy tax payer. I honestly feel for the people of Lebanon! I do not wan't to get in to the politics of the sitution there but feel free to reply to an opened minded American. George

10:34 PM  
Blogger neutralviewer said...

Ok, if a "land", countries, states, provinces, cities, neighborhoods, blocks, and residents, do not police, patrol, and protect, themseleves and others from armies, terrorist, malitias, gangs, and individuals, residing in their "land", then the ones whom are being tormented by these people will take care of it themseleves. It is called self preservation. The "state" of Lebanon was ineffective in keeping Hezbollah from tormenting its neighbors. They did not protect others. To them it was not an urgent problem until a neighbor started protecting themselves. Now you are paying the price for being an ineffective "state". Not meeting your obligations to your neighbors. How long did you expect to live among "terrorist", letting them hide in your neighborhoods, while they bomb your neighbors and not pay a price?

11:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not know much about the politics of this region, but I know when something is wrong and the Lebanese people have suffered too much. My heart, my prayers,and my love are with the Lebanese people right now.May God bring you peace soon.

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an American.

When I think of Israel I first think of the Holocaust. When I think of Lebanon I think of Danny Thomas. When I think of Muslims I think first of Iraq.

When Muslims deny the Holocaust they lose my ability to believe them. When Muslims call for the destruction of Israel they push me to Israel's viewpoint.

When Arabs/Muslims call Israel's attack/defense a war crime but fail to call Hezbollah's activities a crime and seem unconcerned with far more Arabs/Muslims being murdered in Iraq by fellow Arabs/Muslims I find the Islamic religions to be hypocritical and unbelievable (to me).

If someone wants to kill me, my family or an American soldier serving in Iraq when none of us wishes any harm to anyone I have to believe that no God could exist that would endorse such killing.

Any God that would support the killing of any person and any religion that would harm anyone for not believing or wanting to believe in that religion must be a false god and a false religion (including any Christian religion or sect).

If you want to understand us Americans I think that you first have to understand the simple fact that WE do not understand YOU.

WE do NOT understand how YOU can undergo the destruction Israel is raining onto Lebanon without your screaming at Hezbollah to STOP their rockets and disarm.

It is NOT a question (to me anyway) of who is right or who is wrong but rather that the Lebanese seem more willing to die than to ask Hezbollah to stop.

Perhaps if Lebanese demanded that Hezbollah stop fighting the war might end very quickly. Most of the world already hates Israel and America. That is not going to change but as an American I know that Hezbollah has killed Americans in the past and will probably kill more Americans in the future.

If I were Lebanese I would care more about the safety of my family and friends and less about Hezbollah and Israel.

I have yet to hear Hezbollah, a Lebanese or any Arab or Muslim express the slightest concern for non-combatant Israeli deaths and injuries.

From someone who wishes to be fair and is NOT anti anyone or anything you need to understand that I DO NOT want to see you or any other Lebanese harmed any more than I would want to see an Israeli or an American harmed. I currently do not even currently know anyone of the Jewish or of the Muslim faith.

When I listen to Lebanese politicians I come away with the impression that either they are afraid to tell the whole truth or they do not want to tell the whole truth.

The same is true when I hear Lebanese civilians. Whether you want to call Hezbollah terrorists or heroes go ahead and choose your terms but as long as you fail to ask them to return a couple Israeli soldiers and stop shooting rockets the message I keep hearing is that there is no point in the US getting involved because (as usual) three things will happen:

1. US taxes will probably go to pay for more than any other country

2. Somehow Americans are going to end up targeted and killed

3. Somehow the world (especially the Arab world) will end up blaming the US for everything

Frankly I think 99.99% of Americans would be joyfully happy if the Arabs and Israelis could and would work everything out and leave the US out of it.

I don't really know how fair it was to create the State of Israel anymore than it was to create Northern Ireland. Unless and until ALL the Arab (Muslim) states are willing to accept the right of Israel to exist and the Mosques stop preaching anti-Israel hatred the killings will not stop.

With the Muslims busy killing Muslims I don't see the Israeli - Muslim/Arab killings as likely to stop anytime in my lifetime.

As for President Bush, whatever he does the world will find wrong. I don't defend him or condemn him.

I realize that Lebanon is a mixture of religions including Christians. I am truly sorry about what is happening to all Lebanese. If I were an Israeli I would probably support the Israeli government. If I were Lebanese I might be supporting Hezbollah - but I think if that were true, I'd be telling Hezbollah to STOP. Nothing would be worth my family being displaced or killed.

I wish you well.


11:38 PM  

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