Friday, July 28, 2006

Peace Lovers

This is what the Israelis think about the war on Lebanon. What they unfortunately dont know, or maybe dont understand, is that civilians and Lebanon's infrastructure is being hit hard, not Hizbullah alone. The country has been ruined, and yet the IDF "should hit harder". I would have at least preferred the Israeli respondents to state that the IDF should continue its effort, if anything, not increase the strength of its strikes.

More than 70% of Israelis support intensifying the offensive in Lebanon, now in its 17th day, according to a poll published Friday by the nation's biggest-selling daily Yediot Aharonot.
Some 71% think the Israeli army "should hit harder" in its strikes against Hizbullah, compared with 26% who think otherwise.
Some 80% say they are satisfied with the military's performance in the conflict and 82% think the conflict in Lebanon is justified. Some 65% of Israelis support the mobilization of additional reservists for the conflict, said the poll, conducted before the security cabinet announced it had given the green light for the call-up of up to 30,000 more troops.
The poll was carried out by the Dahaf Institute among a representative sample of 513 Israelis. The pollsters gave a margin of error of 4.2%. They did not specify whether the poll was carried out before or after the death of nine Israeli soldiers in fighting Wednesday.
Courtesy of AFP


Anonymous yann - europe said...

In german we say "vertraue keine Statistik die du nicht selbst gefälcht hast" (believe no poll that you didn't fake yourself)...

I must say that I do believe this poll. But I hope that the results are not so height for real...

it's a shame that people don't see that the army and the government bring them great sorrow for the next years.

1:04 PM  
Blogger soraya said...

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2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yann in europe, do you people in Germany and the rest of europe honestly think that the terriosts in this world would not love to blow up Paris or London or any other major city in europe? The only reason that they are coming after the U.S. first is because we are the so called big kidd on the block. They hate that you in Germany are free and would love to kill you, they even said that they want to use force to take over Spain. I have relatives that came from Germany and love the German people and also understand that Europe has seen its fair share of wars and is sick of war, but trust me there are times on this planet when pure evil comes out of the shadows and I am also sure you have heard this said "evil flurishes when good men stand by and do nothing". Do we want to confront this now while it can still be defeated without huge number of civilian killed, or wait till they get a nuke and set it off in New York, London or Paris. When that happens I don't think many people in the west will care much about civilians. You might want to watch one of the beheadings posted on the internet by these swine and then decide if you saw evil.

2:31 PM  
Anonymous yann - europe said...

I guess what we learned with our wars, is that killing is no good.
you can resolve nothing by killing your neighbour, because you always will have a neighbour...

If you want peace you need to begin a dialog, talk and finely find a common solution. Only if both agree will there be peace.

yes, it is a long path to go, but it is the only one effective. I can imagine that sometimes people in world make jockes about our slowness. But we have reached a state were no war could emerge in our borders.

why don't I fear the "terrorists"? well that's a good question.

1- I strongly believe that a human being only wants ones in his life: live decently and in peace.

2- this means, if there is violence it is always a consequence of some iniquity.

3- to gain power, politician all over the world will use this iniquity to canalise the people's anger (in the west too).

4- if you want peace and take these mans their power, solve this iniquity.

all this men barking at the west are only trying to get power. But we must open our eyes and see that we have brought mutch despair in these regions (colonisation, exploitation, support to oppressive regimes,...). and this despair give those men their power.

why do I not fear their followers?
because I know that only a little few act out of real fanaticism. and I we realy cared about our security, we would try to better le life of those people.

no weapons will ever help you out. look the US, you all have guns but your country is far more dangerous than the EU (more homicides).

Bush is using your fear to promote his political view of the world. but since 2001, the USA have lost so much respect here and elsewhere.

He made the world more dangerous for you and you didn't see it. think about this.

3:35 PM  
Anonymous yann - europe said...

[...]and I we realy [...] - and if...

3:38 PM  
Anonymous yann - europe said...

the error you make is to think that these people are different from you. they aren't.

if, let say, britain would annexe the US saying that it was their former colony. and if they tryed to throw you out or place in some very meagre piece of land. how would you react (knowing that you have all these weapons at hand)?

I would bet my life that the US would soon become a new M-E...

3:45 PM  
Anonymous yann - europe said...

besides, I am absolutly against doing nothing. in my eyes our politician are playing with our lives in doing nothin to stop israel and this war.

for my part I would wish to see the EU and US making israel a big pressure and give the palestinians their own land. as specified in res.242 of the UN.

I think that this conflict is the very root of islamic fanaticism and "terror" as you name it. religion never was the root of anything, it always have to do with power. and religion is just another catalyser for power.

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Jaximou said...

For all the PEACE lovers out there who want to spread it, there's an amazing article called: "Reflections on War, Terror and Human Interaction." Go to Read and pass it on.

3:58 PM  
Anonymous yann - europe said...

excellent text !!!

and "be the change you want to see." could be my motto if I had any... and should be the motto of every one in this conflict...

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish peace in this world would be that easy, but I know that unless you are willing to defend freedom you will lose it. Europe was gave its freedom in WWII by the U.S. and is not a communist island right now because of the strenght of the U.S. The Soviet Union was not defeated with flowers and love.

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is always important to know what others think. On both sides of any issue, and the center of any issue.

Unfortunately, yann - europe, the poll stands a chance of being quite accurate.

Here is a link to a blog which has compiled direct quotes from an Israeli newpaper's comments section.

It gives a pretty good picture of what Israeli's think of Europe, the UN, and frankly, well, everyone else who is neither Israeli,Jewish, or American.

It's interesting, to say the least, and here it is again.

1:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hizbullah has no plans to do anyting else but protect Lebanon. Don't generalize!
The U.S. and Israel have draped a cloak over everyone's eyes by placing all people wiht different casues from their own under the word 'terrorist'.
Hizbullah is not the Taliban. They are completely different. Hizbullah will never touch the U.S. or the EU. Thy just want peace for thier country and all of their land back. They did somehing wrong, but it does not justify the destruction of a whole country and the spirit of the people.

2:20 AM  
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