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A Dream Comes True

(Lebanon's Parliament Building in Downtown Beirut where the sit-in is taking place)

Am I dreaming? Has a mosquito with a "national unity" virus stung Members of Parliament (MPs) forcing them to actually do something right for the country hand-in-hand? I just can't believe that our MPs are undertaking an open ended sit-in to protest the continuation of the 7-week Israeli air and sea blockade. I just can't believe that MPs may also launch a hunger strike. I just can't believe that MPs would risk their lives by boarding a plane taking off from Beirut's Rafik Hariri International Airport and fly over Lebanon in a symbolic gesture to break the blockade. And I just can't believe that the unifying sit-in was called for by the Speaker of Parliament and leader of the Amal Movement, Nabih Berri.
Be it the March 14 Forces, Future Movement, the Tripoli Gathering, the Democratic Gathering, the Phalange Party, the Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party, the Baath Party, the Reform and Change parliamentary bloc, to name a few, nearly all of the 128 MPs will be gathering at Parliament today to protest the blockade.
Meanwhile, the Higher Shiite Council Vice President Sheikh Abdel-Amir Qabalan urged Lebanon's MPs, ministers, politicians, foreign ambassadors and diplomats of states cooperating with Israel to stage a sit-in in the Rafik Hariri International Airport and board Lebanese and foreign airplanes in an attempt to break the blockade.
According to Riad Salameh, Governor of the Central Bank, if the Israeli blockade is not lifted immediately, Lebanon's economy will recess by at least 5% compared to 2005.
I say bravo to the MPs for undertaking such a bold move and showing solidarity and unity during Lebanon's darkest hours. Maybe we should learn from these experiences for the better of Lebanon's future.


Blogger gabrielf said...


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Blogger mrtez said...

well gabrielf most probably it wont, but these are the sort of things that make a tiny difference in the horrible political system of Lebanon.
let us praise the right, and critisize the wrong, if we dont we will all sink together...

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Blogger gabrielf said...

ok but the changes wont come from the parliement...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh... amazing. IF it works. but the statement alone is already something.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Bash said...

Ok, ok, now the next step would be for the parliamentarians to organise with all the airline carriers around the globe a day of civil disobediance to break the blockade, all at once, everybody. The Israelis probably wouldn't know who to hit, if anyone for that matter, then we would continue life as usual after that.

Excellent first step, all we have to do now is to take it further..

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Blogger Doc said...

the Israeli blockade is clearly a violation of the cease-fire agreement (or if you prefer, cessation of hositilities). Bravo to all involved in this protest. Olmert is a bully who cant seem to let go and admit he failed.

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Blogger Solomon2 said...

Doc, I don't think you read UNSC 1701 carefully. The Israeli blockade is practically a requirement of the cease-fire agreement!

Look at points 6, 14, and 15a. It is up to the international community (which includes Israel) to open up Lebanon's harbors only if the government of Lebanon sets up controls over arms shipments, otherwise other governments are ordered to prevent "using their flag vessels or aircraft" the shipments of such weapons from the territories or seas they control, no matter what their country of origin.

Therefore, until the goverment of Lebanon starts controlling arms to Hezbollah, it is the OBLIGATION of the foreign navies present in Lebanese waters to do so, and for the IAF (which controls Lebanese airspace) to keep out aircraft that may contain such arms.

6:35 AM  
Blogger Solomon2 said...

Really, the clearest violation of the cease-fire agreement has been Lebanon's refusal to release the Israeli soldiers (paragraph 3), that the resolution cites both as a cause and (ominously) what needs to happen for there to be "an end of violence". The wording practically gives Israel carte blanche to make war upon Lebanon otherwise. I would guess that Lebanon has very little time left otherwise.

6:41 AM  
Blogger M2Timechange said...

UNSC 1701 (Biased)

UN is just an extension of the United Sates. It is not the realistic resolution to the problem and it is unfair to Lebanon.

Double standard

2:18 PM  
Blogger s101comment said...

It's clear that 1701 doesn't currently require Israel to lift the blockade as there isn't evidence that there is proper control over (at a minimum) entry of weapons by sea and air by Hezbollah. This was obviously made crystal clear to Annan when he visited Israel. That's why Annan, at least in Israel, stopped demanding that Israel lift the blockade. Instead he asked Israel to lift the blockade as soon as possible.

In fact, as I'm sure Israel is arguing, there is a strong argument that the use of the word "consistent" in 1701 OP6 means that there must be some proof that OP14 and OP15 are being properly followed and there is real control over the Lebanese border with Syria. Considering that (1) Israel isn't happy with the result and (2) Lebanon went back (almost immediately) on the wording of 1701 that requires the disarming of Hezbollah --- Israel will probably keep up the blockade for some time to come.

It is hard to argue that 1701 is unfair to the Lebanese state. If Lebanon objected so strongly, it could have refused to endorse the resolution. Moreover, 1701 is the hope for a stronger Lebanon --- at least for those who believe that Lebanon isn't Hezbollah.

3:03 PM  
Blogger HCB said...

Chutzpah - absolutely the most perfect example of chutzpah imaginable.

Israel uses its cluster bombs, for example, in the clearest, most arrogant violations of "international law" and humanity to murder children, women and men in their homes. Israel taunts the people it intends to kill by saying "get up, get out of your home and leave the area or we will kill you." And then it bombs the roads, bombs the bridges and targets the vehicles.

Israel doesn't simply destroy the south, it's residences, its businesses and its economy - it litters the entire area intentionally with unexploded bomblets to shred any humans who dare attempt to return. Then it flies its fighterbombers over low enough to terrorize those who do attempt to return while it plays with its tank mounted heavy machine guns to further terrorize.

Meanwhile, of course, it has destroyed the beaches, the airport, the bridges and the roads. All while it makes certain the misery continues with its blockade. And it arranges an "international force" which will be designed to its specifications so the "international community" will foot the bill for policing the mess it has made.

And now you justify Israel's continuing application of misery by your reading of the resolution. Israel even delayed the "cease fire" with its nonsense of "we can't do it for a couple of days until it's presented to the Knesset." During that delay Israel killed more Israeli soldiers and more Lebanese non-combatants and continued laying its booby traps for the unsuspecting children to find on their attempted return home.

Are you really so blind as to be unable to see why so many people hate Israel? HATE - not distrust - HATE. The hopelessness Israel causes is such that it causes people to strap explosives to themselves to kill themselvs so long as they can kill some Israelis. That is truly hate - unfathomable, irrational hate. And Israel's answer has never included any attempt to resolve the hate - it is to cause even greater destruction, misery and loss of hope.

One day you are not going to have Bush and his bloodthirsty gang on your side. One day reason will return to the United States. You'd better be getting rid of your idiots Olmert and Prevetz as well. When we get rid of our hate, fear and war mongers, there's going to be no one to support yours. And you will have a choice - learn how to get along or get along alone.

3:27 PM  
Blogger mrtez said...

tell me something people. if israel's sole interest is to use the blockade to stop the illegal entry of weapons to hizbollah, then why are there absolutely no foreign airlines flying into beirut? you mean to tell me that an Air France flight from Paris or a Lufthansa flight or a British Airways flight or an AlItalia flight will be carrying weapons from European airports to Lebanon? I thought European nations had tight security at their airports. i can somewhat understand that israel would have some reservations about an Iran Air flight coming in from Tehran, but I really doubt that the Iranians are stupid enough to send a plane packed with weapons directly to the airport. They would send it to Damascus by air, and then to Lebanon by land.
The air blockade is being used as an economic punishment to Lebanon...well at least for flights from european nations.

4:05 PM  
Blogger HCB said...

And, Solomon - correct me on this understanding of mine: the occupying country has a duty to take care of the occupied. That is, when the occupier controls the health, welfare and safety of the occupied, it is the occupiers duty to do what it can to alleviate misery - not exacerbate it. But, even in the absence of "International Law" on the point, doesn't your sense of humanity demand it?

Or - am I wrong? The idea of "modern" war is to kill, destroy and warn as you walk away? Israel can be damned glad that was never the US attitude or there would be no Israel. For all its faults, the US is not that completely evil.

The problem with "International Law" is that compliance is voluntary. Israel does not "voluntarily" do a thing when it comes to caring for the people who are the target of its anger. Israel simply whines, cajoles, conceals and does what it damned well pleases on its assumption it can always remind the world of the holocaust and invoke a sense of guilt. What that ignores is that the Lebanese are not Nazis. Or, for that matter, German. Nor are the Palestinians. What I'm reminded of is much the same as Einstein and others who signed the letter in an article posted on this blog - Menachem Begin was Israel's Hitler. And his progeny are now in charge.

4:32 PM  
Blogger M2Timechange said...

Following are excerpts from a discussion on the world's plagues, Jewish heritage, and American policies, which aired on NewTV on May 31, 2006.

Script: "Without a Censor"


Maria Ma'louf: Fine, the first question is: It's predicted that the world's population will be ten billion in the year 2050. The United States is worried about this figure. That's why it is planning to reduce the population of Asia and Africa. Do you agree with this opinion?

Uwe Friesecke, Executive Intelligence Review: Well, not quite, because it's not in that way that the U.S., as a nation, does see this as a problem. But there is a certain political faction, of which representatives are in the U.S., but it's a global faction, which is interested in reducing the world population rather dramatically - that's true, but it's not a typically or specifically U.S.-only problem.

Maria Ma'louf: But you know, the war... by the war... the United States is guiding lots of war... the Korean war in the fifties, the wars in Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Central America, also the Gulf, and recently the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. How they participate in reducing the population by doing war, to... especially to the Arab world, if you want to talk about the Arab world.

Uwe Friesecke: Well, I mean, it is no question that the type of imperial policy that Vice-President Cheney, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, and what is called the neo-con group in the U.S. represents, is a genocidal policy. There is no question about it. But remember, this is not just a policy that is represented by this part of the U.S. establishment. You have in Britain very strong supporters of this policy.


4:39 PM  
Blogger HCB said...

That's pretty much over the top, m2. In fact, I'd characterize it as the mirror of the rants from the other side.

First - if the US is "genocidal" it would not be limiting itself to Vietnam and "Gulf I" and that kind of stuff. The US nuclear arsenal is such that it could take the top foot of ALL of the former USSR and toss it. That arsenal literally could incinerate all of Europe. It would take less than 10% to make a lake of Iraq and Iran.

The "Iron Law of War" which originally was concerned with limiting population growth has become recognized for the economics associated with war. Aside from America being right in WW2, that war produced an economy that is the largest in the world. That economy now depends on disposing a great deal of what it produces. For automobile companies to stay in business, automobiles must be bought. So the old ones must be junked. Fountain pens are replaced by ball points that get tossed when the ink is gone. Razor blades - Gillette always said, "we'll give you the razor and you buy blades for the rest of your life."

All that means we don't want to reduce populations - we want to grow them and make them customers. But, war can still be profitable since there are not many high ticket items that are so immediately disposable as a laser guided bomb or an air to ground missile. The cost an enormous amount of money, they are destroyed by design and the politics of fear insure we will always build more and more of them.

The problem comes when we are too successful in marketing things other than bombs and missiles. Like cars, for example. We tell China they ought to be democratic and the people ought to have the freedom of a democracy. So, they get some freedoms and a lot of cars. Which means they need lots of gasoline. And that means the price of gas goes up dramatically when the competition for oil goes up dramatically. And that means we have to protect what we've got - in the middle east. We have to have a base of operations there - Israel. And we have to make certain that base is protected. So, we give Israel money, airplanes, bombs and the other means to make war.

Dry up the oil fields, find another source of equivalent energy and the wars end. They are not based in religion. They are based in the "Iron Law of War" - create and protect the economy.

5:10 PM  
Blogger M2Timechange said...

Protect the economy by day light robbery? You can’t take things that don’t belong to you, as it will definitely fuel the owner or the occupants. Is this the correct way of making a living? Who is the actual terrorist then?

So Hezbollah is not wrong to protect Lebanon from the aggression of Isarael and Bush neo con, and Hezbollah should not be disarmed in this case.

5:40 PM  
Blogger HCB said...

You misunderstood me - but you make the point: "is this the correct way of makng a living?" And, "who is the actual terrorist?"

By definition, a "profit" means getting more than given. To remain "profitable" there must always be people who give more than they get. As the economy of a country grows, it must look outside for customers - growth in the market is an absolutel requirement for continued profitability.

Is that "correct?" It depends on who decides what is "correct." Who is "correct" in war is the person with the greatest ability to make war. That's the way it's always been and, until we can figure a way to live together in harmony, that's the way it always will be. Is it "correct" that the United States consumes such a huge part of the natural resources of the world? At best, the question today is irrelevant - it is the fact and it will be the fact for at least the forseeable future.

You are a gentle person, m2. The world is not gentle right now and won't be for a while. It used to be gentle people could live peacefully in gentle surroundings without notice. But the world of the powerful who are fueled by economies that must be kept growing have now noticed. In some places we simply build condos on the beach without regard to the ecology. In others, we move in and take over. And if the present occupants don't agree, we kill them.

I don't agree and you don't agree. But that's the way it is and that's the way it will be. Until we change our ways.

5:59 PM  
Blogger M2Timechange said...

Hcb, sorry if I misunderstood you.

However, military aggression is not the solution to the problem. They, the leaders have to think out of the box. They have to change the way think and believe, they have to do things in a different way for the economy to grow for their countries and to convince world communities. The world leaders cannot take for granted to continue with the stereotype strategy with military aggression. Spreading negative and unfounded rumours about the Muslim values shall depreciate US reputation.

You cannot see your weaknesses, but others can see and wait for that opportunities to counter when you least expected. Never, ever under estimate your enemy’s strength, as the price could be tantamount as a result.

6:44 PM  
Blogger Doc said...

Solomon, in my opinion Israel is not part of the "international community"--it is a biased player in this war with its illegal and immoral actions in Lebanon. UN and Leb troops are in S. Lebanon now, and are patroling the shores....if there are HZ ships and maritime operations in the Sea, then by all means, let Israel continue its blockade. Otherwise, let it go and get the hell out of there.

Therefore, they have absolutely no right (legal or otherwise) to continue this asanine blockade, which has only one purpose of continuing the suffering of the Lebanese people.

I agree with Mrtez...if there are weapons being transported from Italy to Lebanon--via Allitalia--then Italian troops should not be commissioned as part of the UN in the south...give me a break people. Common sense. This is beyond humiliating, it is unhumanitarian.

With its continued blockade, Israel is justifying its presence there to all the international community as a bully who is intent on crippling Lebanon. (not just HZ) Again, they are lynching themselves, along with everyone else.

8:55 PM  
Blogger s101comment said...

If international law is irrelevant, then don't mention it. If it's of some relevance, then at least get it straight.

The use of cluster bombs, in and of themselves, is not a violation of international humanitarian law. There were some attempts to have them included in the scope of the recent land mine treaty --- but that didn't happen.

There use may become a violation of international humanitarian law, taking into account that there is a well known failure rate of these weapons, so that they are going to being killing and maiming civilians after the conflict ends ---whether or not they've been used in area with large concentrations of civilians or not. That's just what they do. Considering that wars are hardly ever fought in uninhabited areas, their use is almost always going to result in civilian deaths months and years later and yet, when push came to shove, they weren't included in the land mine treaty.

Sounds cruel, but then war is cruel. Cluster bombs come in different flavours. The most common is designed to kill and main those out in the open or in unarmored vehicles ---over a much larger area than a single bomb. At the time of their use, they're much safer for civilians within buildings ---they certainly they won't bring down buildings causing large amounts of civilian deaths as in the village near Qana.

As far as I know, cluster bombs have been used in every recent conflict. A recent help for the problem is that some bomblets are now made to self-destruct if they don't go off when they should. Israel may not have this type of weapon.

The business with the American inquiry into the Israeli use of American made cluster bombs, is that Israel made promises to the US, over and above those required by international law with respect to some cluster bombs supplied to Israel many years ago.

AS for the general morality of the blockade, as long ss the blockade doesn't interfere with hunanitarian efforts (which means ensuring that Lebanese don't suffer from a lack of food, water, shelter and medical care at a very minimal level) then I don't see how that's a violation of international humanitarian law, in and of itself. And there is no evidence that this is happening.

FWIW, stopping the continued supply of electricity to a population doesn't seem to currently violate international law. And while Israel damaged the Lebanese electrical system during the conflict (which is, somewhat surprisingly, allowed and was a practice followed in every recent conflict), Israel seems to have chosen to damage the system in ways that can be fixed in relatively short term. The oil spill in the Med, may be the choice on the part of Israel to stop the power plant by destroying its fuel sources, which can be fixed quickly, instead of destroying the generators which take years to build.

Finally, Israel doesn't have a peace treaty with Lebanon. At best, it once had an armistice, but that's been superceded by the recent conflict. All that currently governs is 1701 and a cease-fire. At this stage, Hezbollah and the Lebanese people get to proclaim their victory over Israel.

Israel, as the 'loser' in this conflict,if it chooses, gets to continue to cause problems for Lebanon and Hezbollah, by whatever means it hasn't agreed to give up, even if this cripples Lebanon. This includes the use of a blockade, albeit a very porous blockade because the Syrian border is so close.

10:29 PM  
Blogger HCB said...

If international law is irrelevant, then don't mention it.
Spoken as a true IDF, Israeli thinker. OK - I won't mention it. And I'll assume you mean the "international law" that includes only the inter nations on Israel's side. I know it drives Israel nuts to imagine something like its cluster bombs might be against the law. But - if I don't mention thousand pound cluster bombs being used in civilian areas where the sole purpose of the weapon is to rip and shred, then please ask your folks to quit pointing to the 50 pound rockets with ballbearings intended "only" to kill people. OK? I mean, fair's fair. And - I don't think there's any law against "ball bearing bombs" either, is there? Besides, as you say, war is cruel. So, condemning the "cowardly" "suicide" bombers and bombs full of shards of glass and nails is equally specious, right? Or do you mean to say that weapons delivered by a 35 million dollar airplane or a three million dollar artillery piece are ok but those delivered by "martyrs" are not?

How cute - "war is cruel." I've been meaning to ask someone knoweledgable a question that's been bothering me - "what war?" Did Israel declare war on Lebanon at some point and I missed it? I had rather thought it was simply a bombing run followed by troops when the "strategic" bombing didn't work. Are there rules of war in place for this little Israeli skirmish? I mean, other than the ones Israel has made up?

"war is cruel" - which summarizes the decision to destroy the infrastructure so completely. Which summarizes the decision to continue the misery until Israel decides not to any longer.

It disgusts me to think about it even long enough to write about it. I'm glad the fence is still going up. I'll contribute to it. Build the fence and stay behind it. Just STAY there, be quiet and take care of yourselves. And stay out of the civilized world.

1:24 AM  
Blogger M2Timechange said...

CIA Covert Operations and US Military Intervention since WW11 What you did't learn in school and don't hear on the mainstream media.

Unbelievable, US neo con & Zionist are the real terrorists

So Lebanon, should prepare or anticipate, unite with Hezbollah for the next war. There shall be stronger organization (stronger than Hezbollah in the making) to deal with this real mother of all evils. There shall be no peace in Lebanon in years to come as it is strategic location for US Bush neo con & Zionist to confront Iran & Syria.

See link:

5:07 AM  
Blogger s101comment said...

Let's see:

You're right about the inclusion of ball-bearings or glass or other nasty stuff in the rockets. It isn't against international law. When I saw those reports on TV, I thought they were just another example of how ignorant the media are. The issue is how the weapon is being used --not the weapon itself. The current rules of the law of war are designed for state versus state warfare, not state versus semi-state or non-state groups. And by the current rules, the use of a weapon that is so inaccurate as the rockets are, is a violation of the rules. That won't stop Hz from using them, as that's the only weapon they have that can force Israel to fight them.

From the point of view of Lebanon, anything that lessens the distinction between civilian and military targets (such as suicide bombers aimed against civilian targets) isn't good, because the forces of Lebanon are more likely to be intertwined with the civilian population. From the current rules, suicide bomber attacks against military targets (which are very wide in nature) are just part of war. Suicide bombers against civilians aren't.

The problem with cluster bombs is not with the immediate damage the bomblets cause --- assuming that they aren't being dropped in an area where there are civilians out in the open (which isn't the accusation against Israel). The problem with cluster bombs is that they don't all go off when they're supposed to -- and they're dangerous for years after the battle is over.

As for declaring war, I don't think anyone has done that since WWII. As far as I know, the fighting is sufficient for the action to be recognized as a war. You're right about one thing, that is that many people are making up the rules as they go along.

For any one curious about what the civilized world regards as being acceptable, take a look at the 1999 NATO bombing campaign against Serbia. Read about the damage down to the infrastructure of Serbia. Remember this is a bombing campaign done against a nation that was not sending rockets into the homelands of any NATO country -- so there wasn't any time pressure on the bombing.

I've read somewhere that Israel used the bombing campaign against Serbia as a source for determining the actions it should take. For background see wikipedia For the final report of the ICC deciding there were no war crimes see

And finally, Israel does get to decide when it stops fighting, just as Hz got to decide when to stop fighting.

5:47 AM  
Blogger Doc said...

Thanks HCB for your rebuttal against the most ridiculous excuses for Israeli action.

Mr. 101------Please explain to me why a bottle factory was taken out? Or the Lebanese army barracks? Or the hundreds of bridges (before civilians were told to flee)? Or the UN site? Or the hundreds of other unrelated civilian targets. And I dont really care about how quickly these things can be repaired. I am curious as to your explanation for these as targets.

From the beginning of this so-called "war", which as HCB correctly puts it, was never officially officiated, --the IDF went after everything BUT HZ. Now, in its attempts to further cripple the Lebanese economy and population, it continues to be a stubborn, losing player who refuses to exist the playground.

And dont tell me there are no humanitarian issues that are being violated...your so-called threshold of aid at a "very minimal level" is not sufficient...during the conflict, humanitarian aid could not get through at the "very minimal level" (at the pleading of the intl community), we have the same situation, and people as well as the economy are suffering on every level. How do you explain to a Lebanese citizen that they are unable to get a needed transplant because Israeli refuses to allow it? Or the diabetic, who is unable to obtain needed medication. We are not talking about nike shoes, or even tourists flying in at their leisure. Surprise, not every medical and food necessity is manufactured in Lebanon proper.

I dont think the benefits outweigh the consequences in this case. Everyone knows this but Israel

6:40 AM  
Blogger M2Timechange said...

doc, you got to tell Bush of your plight. I'm sure, Olmert will listen to him.

6:53 AM  
Blogger M2Timechange said...

Israel is more important to Bush than other states in the US. So what would Lebanon expect from him? He will do everything for the sake and benefits of Israel.

One wonder, who are the actual culprits or group are responsible for September 11 attack on US twin tower.

7:21 AM  
Blogger HCB said...

S101 - what is your purpose? To gloat? You come to this place, eavesdrop and decide to add your two cents so you can hear yourself hold forth on what you consider the "rules?" This after telling us how Lebanon can either toe the Israeli line or go hungry? And "war" you say, doesn't get "declared" any more, But, you insist, this is "war." It used to be that "war" involved two combatants. Not a single bully attacking with its machines from the air and overland. "War" is not that bully deciding to "bomb them back 20 years" as your bloodthirsty prime minister announced was his goal, "War" is not the continuing imposition of punishment by the "victor" after wreaking such destruction. But Israel does not undersand that - yet.

The trouble with chickenhawks like you is that you are such unbearable chickenhawks. There are no such things as "rules of war", chickenhawk. There are only impositions of bullies like Israel. Israel does as it pleases because it assumes the US will always support its inhumanity.

But talk has done no good and, so long as there are people like you hanging around taking their pleasure in their present power, talk will do no good. But know this - Israel's ONLY strength is its military. It has no moral justification to exist - it does no good for anyone other than Israelis. It constantly finds new ways or modifications of old ones to cause misery and destruction. It constantly whines about how it is hated throughout the world and it constantly lashes out at those who hate it.

The only reason Israel is able to lash out as it has - the only reason Israel is able to build its version of the Berlin wall to keep its enemies at bay - the only reason Israel even exists is the United States of America. That is my greatest embarrassment and my greatest anger. America gives Israel airplanes to drop bombs it gives Israel. America provides the money to pay the pilots America trained to fly the airplanes to drop the American bombs. That will stop.

The fundamental problem with Israel is that it has simply been given everything. Israel did not have to fight for its existence or its freedoms. Rather, Israelis were handed land, Begin and his crowd terrorized the arabs who thought to stay, a nonsense "right to return" resolution was passed to placate those arabs while never meaning to do anything with it and America gave Israel - and continues to give Israel - a military might superior to anyone in the region.

And now you can be proud, chickenhawk - be proud of your brave pilots hovering safely five miles above the earth launching death and destruction while they drool and giggle. While Olmert and Prevetz and Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld laugh together at the idea of such a country as Lebanon saying Israel and the US have done wrong.

People like you are so used to paraphrasing William Tecumseh Sherman with his "War is hell" Here's something else he said - something chickenhawks don't like to hear so much:

"It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood, more vengeance, more desolation."

That's your prime minister, your defense minister and every single pilot of every single bomber in your air force. You inhumans actually leaflet the people you are about to kill and then watch them try to leave on the roads you've bombed and cross the bridges you've destroyed. But, since they've violated your "rule" you kill them.

A completely disgusting government. When we get rid of our gang of bloodthirsty fearmongers, yours had better be close behind. Or there will be no more Israel.

11:05 AM  
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