Monday, July 24, 2006

Battered Lebanon, In Detail

It is estimated that total infrastrcuture damage has exceeded US$1.6 billion so far. If economic activity is accounted for (tourism, import/export, services and industry etc..) the bill exceeds several billion dollars according to Lebanon's Finance Minister.
Except for its TV station, please explain to me how Hezbollah is involved in these!!! Has Israel's pinpoint accuracy missiles become so accurate that they destroy milk factories (, pharmaceutical companies, Procter & Gamble storage facility, a paper mill factory and water treatment plant? I wonder...where are the terrorists here?

Damage to date by Israeli Blitz:

· Jiye power station, 20 miles south of Beirut, repeatedly hit; electricity generator hit in Sibline.
· Electricity in Beirut said to be "feeble and flickering", with large areas cut off.
· In south, electrical supply almost completely cut. Estimated total of 750,000 people without electricity.
· Four gas stores hit; 17 fuel stores destroyed; 12 petrol stations bombed. Prices have rocketed sixfold in some cities, such as Tyre.

· Treatment plant hit in Dair al-Zahrani, south of Sidon.
· Two trucks with water drilling equipment destroyed in Ashrafiyeh, Beirut.

· Of Lebanon's seven airports, Beirut airport out of action (runways damaged, fuel tanks destroyed), Qoleiaat in the north and Riyaq military airport in Bekaa severely damaged. All main civilian and military radar stations out of action.
· Three main seaports - Beirut, Tripoli and Jamil Gemayel - hit. Maritime operations antenna hit in Tripoli; Beirut lighthouse out of action.
· 38 main roads severely damaged from the air, including road to Damascus.
· 55 bridges destroyed, mainly those running to southern Lebanon.

Medical care
· Two hospitals hit, one in Nabatiyeh and one in the southern suburbs of Beirut; at least one destroyed (Mayss al-Jabal).
· Convoy of donated medical goods hit near Zahle.

· Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV station in Beirut hit.
· LBC antennas and mobile phone antennas hit in the North

· Liban Lait milk plant in Bekaa hit.
· Tissue paper factory in Sidon attacked.
· Paper mill in southern Beirut hit.
· Medical supplies company in southern Beirut hit; grain silos hit at port.
· Warehouse of Transmed company in Beirut caught fire; $10m losses.
· Stores of Procter & Gamble products hit in Choueifat.

· Stock market closed on Monday after falling 14%.
· Banks limit withdrawals by panicked customers to $1,000. Central bank keeping currency stable, say dealers.


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