Friday, July 21, 2006

Killer Questions...

The evacuation from Lebanon is still ongoing as of Friday. The bay of Beirut is continously marred with several warships from different nations. Back and forth - a one way trip out of 'hell'. And with Lebanon losing so many dual citizens at such a rapid pace, only one question haunts the ones remaining: how will Israel strike when it knows Beirut is free of dual citizens and foreigners?
Another worry is that Israel has been surprised because it has so far been unable to 'crush' Hizbullah. Much the contrary, Hizbullah is putting up a very decent fight and is actually consolidating its forces. Again, how will Israel respond to this counter-attack?
And, now that Israel is planning to penetrate Lebanon in full-force, the Lebanese President has warned that he will send the Lebanese army if this ever happens. How will Israel react to this new threat?
But one of our greatest worries is the displacement of all the refugees from the South and Dahieh. The UN placed the number at 500,000 two days ago, but now that Israel has 'commanded' all people in the south to evacuate, that number will reach 1 million. Where will all these people stay? Who will feed them? Can riots break out?
Questions, questions, questions. And nothing seems to be right or nothing seems to be getting any better. And its even worse when you see friends and family leave in the thousands.
All i know is that I cannot leave my city, even though I do have a French citizenship. Beirut, ya Beirut! I shall not abandon you, my dear Beirut.


Blogger michalos said...

my name is michal im a girl from isreal.
i was reading remzi short post in time out tel aviv this week .
i was hoping to talk with him(with you if its your blog)
please please contact with me

hope for quiet days and sending my sincere worry.

9:56 PM  
Blogger tozaz said...

I hate to judge...But it is sad to watch the news and see so many "foreigners" flee Beirut..Only to find out that most of them are dual citizens leaving their own beloved city.. What would I have done? Hold on to those guts brother.

12:26 AM  
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