Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Tuesday evening in Beirut: The only thing audible is the erratic keyboard typing of Ramsay and the occasional car engines speeding by. Other than that, pure silence! And within 1 hour, there will be nothing else than the loud sound of nothing begging for the sudden sound of something. I know that very soon I will start imploring for the sound of a jet fighter, an attack helicopter or a death missile. I know that very soon if nothing happens I will start wondering when it will happen or where it will happen. I know that very soon every time I receive an SMS I would start wondering if it is a news report of more deaths or a news report of further attacks. I know that very soon if nothing happens I will be glued to news channels with cameras focusing on Dahieh wondering how large the next strike will be. That horrible sound of silence, I never knew how stressful it can be.


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