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The Town that was Dahieh

This is Dahieh before the attack...

And this is Dahieh after over 23 tons of explosives struck the area...

These are fresh satellite pictures of the destruction of Dahieh (southern Beirut) after Israeli jets and naval boats launched massive attacks against the area. You can click on the before and after pictures to see a larger format. Keep posted for more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can´t imagine what it must feel like to watch your country being destroyed like that. If it´s any consolation all newspapers here in Sweden seem to think Israel has definately gone too far. Good luck.

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like they missed some spots...

6:53 PM  
Blogger dobegs said...

this article is taken from an Israeli paper and the message says it all.. Israel lost this war and big time!

"It takes forethought to end a war" /
By Nehemia Shtrasler

There was one moment during the war when we had the upper hand. It was the moment when Israel had succeeded in striking Hezbollah with strong and surprising force, Haifa was peaceful and the number of casualties was small. That was the right moment to stop the war, declare victory and move on to the diplomatic track.

This opportunity came when the G-8 convened on July 14, two days after the fighting broke out. The G-8 formulated a four-point plan, and nothing could have been better for Israel. According to that plan, the three Israeli soldiers abducted to Gaza and Lebanon would be return unharmed, the Katyusha fire against Israel would stop, Israel would halt its military operations and pull back its forces, and it would also release the Hamas ministers and parliament members.

The G-8 statement declared that the full responsibility for the crisis fell on Hamas and Hezbollah and asked the UN Security Council to immediately formulate a program for the full implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1559. The statement also called for the deployment of the Lebanese army in south Lebanon and suggested looking into the possibility of bringing an international force into the region. Israel and Lebanon were asked to launch diplomatic talks.

The international atmosphere was also pro-Israel, even among the hostile media. Israel received international legitimacy for its response to the killing and abduction of its soldiers inside its sovereign territory, and all the politicians, especially Ehud Olmert, were amazed at how much the world loved us.

But Olmert and Amir Peretz did not know when to quit. They wanted to show the public that they, the "civilians," were more courageous than their predecessors, Ehud Barak and Ariel Sharon. That is why they continued the war in order to attain goals that from the outset were unattainable.

This does not mean that if Israel had adopted the G-8 proposal, the problem of Hezbollah would have been resolved. That would not have happened. That can only be resolved at the diplomatic level, with an Israeli-Syrian-Lebanese agreement. But at least it would have prevented us from deteriorating to the current situation, with its accompanying feeling of failure, the dead and the wounded, the attack on Israel's moral standing, the hatred toward it throughout the world and the damage to Israel's military deterrence.

Israel has not managed to crush Hezbollah, and worse, it has strengthened Hezbollah's standing in Lebanon and the Arab world, which is seeing how a tiny guerrilla organization has succeeded in standing up to the mighty Israel Defense Forces and causing Israel serious losses among its civilian population. That is a dangerous precedent.

The Olmert-Peretz plan was to shell and demolish south Lebanon and south Beirut until the Lebanese public demanded that its government vomit Hezbollah out from its midst. It appears that like a number of other Israeli leaders, they did not understand how much killing, poverty and distress people are willing to take, as long as their honor is not harmed, as long as they are not humiliated. And indeed, instead of demanding that Hezbollah be dismantled, the people of Lebanon want revenge, and they want it now. That is their response to the killing of 750 civilians and the destruction of thousands of homes, bridges, roads, villages and towns, putting Lebanon 20 years in the past.

Now, after the tragic events in Qana, which killed some 60 civilians, even Israel's greatest ally has changed direction and says it wants a speedy cease-fire. Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora has declared that Hezbollah's victory is the victory of the entire Lebanese people and that if Israel remains in south Lebanon, he will turn the Lebanese army against it. Siniora even spoke about a cease-fire without any agreement.

Other Lebanese, too - including some who are firm opponents of Hezbollah, such as Walid Jumblatt and Amin Gemayel - have also condemned Israel. Based on what has happened in the field, nothing remains of the grandiose goals of the beginning of the war.

Soon we will start to long for the excellent agreement offered by the G-8 at the beginning of the war. Today, it, too, is unattainable.

7:29 PM  
Blogger dobegs said...

here is the link to the article if you prefer:


7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sept 11 times ten, easily. And that's just the capital.

8:05 PM  
Anonymous tool said...


8:17 PM  
Anonymous Michael Newcomb said...

Dobegs, thanks for the link. Excellent article.

Anon. 9/11 times 10? No. 3,000 souls vanished on that day. Buildings and infrastructure can be replaced - lives cannot.

9:24 PM  
Anonymous another voice from Lebanon said...

"You Can Not Kill Us All"
An interview with Tina Naccache from Lebanon, by the American independent radio station "Democracy Now."


11:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pm saniora never made such a statement of sending the lebanese army. this was the president of lebanon, a pro syrian personality. saniora, again, never made such a statement. he called the events of qana a war crime, yes, but stopped short of any other statements...

11:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact Hezbollah laughs and says they bwin if Isreal doesn't kill everybody is the exact reason that Isreal announced it wouyld start flattening entiure villages. Those pictures are what Hezbollah calls winning? Call me silly, but I would rather lose and have peace.

3:09 PM  
Anonymous tool said...

fack! good idea, kill all those eyerabs, meet the fackers!

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Camarada said...

For a leftist who lives in Dahieh.. all lebanese must know how much i hated it before! pictures of war leaders everywhere and people supporting them 'to death' used to haunt me and made me feel that i'm in the wrong place!
but after this,all i can think about are people, relatively poor people who fled their war-torn homes in the south and bekaa and built these suburbs, house after house.. until it became their home and shelter!
to look at it now pains me so deeply coz after all it is a neighborhood that accepted me as part of it despite the ideological differences...
it made me feel safe to be among people and neighbors who care about eachother and smile at you and greet you every single time u pass by them!
these people are my people, maybe their ideology is a result of their experiences or un-experiences.
i do understand these people more than any time before and i don't blame them...
i blame the 'bigger' society that was detached from them most of the time and they felt they were not welcome any other place in beirut for example... i blame the political system and the absent civil society which forced them to elect on sectarian basis and to seek help from other sect-based organisations and parties.
they felt safe in dahieh... i felt safe among them too...
where will they go now?
why war even if it hits everyone, it hits them the most?
do they need more misery?
i know a family who lost their home in dahieh, their other home in the south and the father;s business during this war!
can anyone put himself in his shoes? i try and i find it cruel!
i wouldn't forgive...
but u know how he feels about it? he thanks 'God' because he kept him and his family safe and got all the damage to things which can be ribuild!
he feels more sorry for the people who lost their lives and their loved ones' lives...
he considers himself lucky!
This is what i was talking about... this is the spirit of people of Dahieh, who suffered a lot in the past few decades but kept their spirit up and so is their faith in God.
sometimes i just wish i had this faith in something or someone which keeps me so optimistic and strong... maybe this is a rare kind of faith and belief which does a good thing to its people after all...

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The world can think whatever it likes to think, i am close to the border, and what Israel does is self defense, The Hezbollah is the one who started and the one who continues to launch rockets on peaceful civilians, Israel attack only Hezbollah homes and weapons, and even when the Hezbollah hides its weapons among Lebanese people like a group of cowards, Israel first tells all people to evacuate and only then it attacks. If Israel wanted to kill instead of defend itself, the Lebanese casualties were count in millions, and not hundreds. The Lebanese people have to thank Israel for freeing their home from Hezbollah that took over the country and holds them as hostages.

10:56 AM  

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