Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Out of Service: Beirut International Airport

This is a fresh satellite picture of the destruction of BIA after Israeli jets and naval boats launched specific strikes against its runways. You can click on the picture to see a larger format. Keep posted for more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does any one know if the main terminal building has been hit? And how did the MEA planes take off and Jordanian aid planes land when all the runways have been destroyed?

And if anyone israeli reads this, do israelis understand that this kind of shelling only affects ordinary lebanese + not hezbollah fighters.

6:36 PM  
Blogger mrtez said...

The main building has not been hit.
And the MEA planes departed to Amman by using a runway that was not too badly damaged. After they took off, that specific runway was blasted in two different spots.
In terms of Jordanian aid planes landing, there is one runway that was quickly fixed, allowing these planes to land.
The damage is not extreme, it just assures complete control over the airport. This is done by putting holes in the middle of the runway. Apparently it would take engineers 3-5 days to fix.

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Anonymous tool said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous tool said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My very uninformed opinion would be that hitting the airport, although it drew critisism, was an attempt to make sure Hezbollah is not shipped more weapons...same reason for hitting roads and trying to block all outside access.

This is a problem as far as letting aid get in, but a wise move militarily. My honest opinion is that not hitting the terminal, and disabling the runway is the best way to do it so it can be disabled, but fixed as cheaply as possible later.

Even those of us who want to see Hezbollah lose are concerned about the damage to infrastructure because we want the non-militant people of Lebanon to be able to rebuild as fast as possible after this. I think a LOT of money will be sent to Lebanon to rebuild from the rest of the world, but the damage is immense.

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Anonymous tool said...

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