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Thank you London

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Thank you London for expressing your 100,000 voices. It is greatly appreciated to see what you have done and I am sure it will make the greatest difference. And if it falls on deaf ears, rest assured that we are deeply touched.
It's time we all yell out the same simple message: We want cease-fire now!!! Stop the killings now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

beautiful. we need this in every city across the world. dont be afraid to speak up for truth and peace.

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

London police said it was 15,000, not 100,000 people. Which is still a lot.

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

7:18 AM  
Blogger Jaeger said...

With all due respect you need to persuade not foreigners, but the people doing the firing on your behalf:
"Lebanon does not agree with cease-fire draft":

As I recall Nasrallah telling us - "We love death the way you love life". It appears he hasn't had enough love yet.

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lebanon is not HZ, Jaeger.

8:06 AM  
Blogger Jaeger said...

For the purposes of this war, actually, Lebanon IS Hizb'Allah. Since they're the ones firing the missiles and holding hostages they are the ones that will need to be persuaded to stop.

You don't need to persuade us in the west that they should cease firing their missiles. If I had a vote on the matter I'd be all for it, but HZ doesn't listen to me.

8:16 AM  
Anonymous nadine said...

there were indeed 100,000 people. not 15,000! i was there all day, and i have never seen so many people in my entire life. it was like an endless river of people flowing through the city. we walked for five hours and we even though we kept walking to the front, it seemed like a stream without an end. by the time we got to whitehall, the crowd of people stretched as far back as piccadilly. all kinds of people were there. students, elderly, white, black, arabs, jews, tourists, activists, families. all in standing solidarity with lebanon. it was overwhelming and blatant that most of the people here do NOT support this war, or tony blair's (who by the way was on his way to a barbados holiday!) policies.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shitty shitty anti-israel pro hate propaganda.

I say they need to get a life and find something better to do on a saturday..

rubbish and distorted figures I bet there were only 10,000

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shitty shitty anti-israel pro hate propaganda.

I say they need to get a life and find something better to do on a saturday..

rubbish and distorted figures I bet there were only 10,000

12:03 PM  
Blogger Anon said...

I suppose great minds do think alike and others maybe not so.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous eric said...

Jaeger: "For the purposes of this war, actually, Lebanon IS Hizb'Allah."

For the purpose of justifying this war, all Lebanese are terrorist scum.

Israel has the right to defend itself. Not raze a country.

But we have to remember that although by all human respects, collective punishment is, and always has been, an outrage and a failure, it provides strategic experts in Israel and the U.S. fresh enemies and a precious reason to continue reshaping the Middle-East. They deal in absolutes. People are cattle to them.

And we should all be careful, when even peace-loving people become naive, antisemite lying scum to them...

Peace (don't shoot)

Thanks for the links, Mortimer

12:49 PM  
Anonymous nadine said...

... maybe you should find something better to do on a sunday morning than spew your misinformed projections onto this blog. did i speak of hate or being anti-israeli? no. so get over your complex. the israeli nation has not been razed. we have the right to oppose this war. we have the right to want peace. and im sick of all these cowardly "anonymous" bloggers spewing their ignorant venom and hatred . . .

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is only one simple reason why Israel has not been hit as hard as Lebanon...because Isreal has powerful weapons, and Hezbollah does not.

Many make it sound like Hamas and Hezbollah, and whoever, go easy on Israel on purpose...Israel is not getting hit as hard because of the simple fact Hezbollah doesn't have the firepower, if they did, the civilian death toll would be just as high in Israel.

Hezbollah IS hitting civilians and IS aiming toward civilian locations, and they are giving the attacks everything they have, it just isn't equal to Israels weapons, so how does that make them any less blood thirsty? Lack of fire power doesn't equal lack of intent.

Quit pretending Hezbollah wouldn't be killing thousands if they could...Hamas and Iran pretty much flat out said for years that if they could they would wipe Israel off the map.

2:58 PM  
Blogger HCB said...

Nadine is right - you ARE a fucking idiot. Read what you said and if you don't see it, there's no sense trying to point you to it. You're damned right, though - if the weaponry were equal, there would be no Israel. My dog in this fight is that it is my country's money and idiocy that is making it possible. There's not a single Israeli with the brains to come up with these weapons, much less the money. So, the morons led by the moron in chief provide the pigs with their airplanes and bombs and money. Oh - and a russian billionnaire jew provides a resort so YOUR idiot children can swim and play without worry of being bombed. Here's my idea - tell everybody in Israel we're not turning the clock back twenty years like your pervert prime minister says. We're turning it back to 1947. Now - GET OUT!!!!

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's more than 1 anon...I wrote the one above you, and that's all. I don't want credit for earlier posts.

4:03 PM  
Blogger Mr Wrath said...

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Blogger Mr Wrath said...

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4:19 PM  
Anonymous Nicholas said...

this blog is so so anti |Israel and pro hate!!
it makes me sick reading the editors reporting, opinions and 'facts'

I guess this blog is mainly aimed at the arab world led by Iran who is soon to tak over the laws and rule Lebanon for a good 20 30 years!!

there will be no time out beirut, no fun, no sex, no internet, no blogs, no free speach, no tourists, no fun, no good food, no free tv. no one will care about us just becuase of stupid Lebanease who are afraid to stand up for free Lebanon and free from Syria and Iran.

shame on us and our stupid government.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous greg said...

what if? what if? what if hezbollah had more gunpowder... it does not, it never will have more gunpowder than the u.s or than israel. and that's reality. why does everyone cloak politics with pseudo-ethics and dumb hypotheses! get rid of hizbollah. i dont support them. but this could have been done in another way. let's not fool ourselves with the ideas the politicians are showering us with. to gain the approval of every tv watching sheep, logging on to blogs, so they can throw out the ideas that were dictated to them by FOX 5 an hour beforehand. it works the same way on both sides, of course. but this war. is ridiculous. the israelis are digging themselves into an irreversible grave of hate. military force will never undo the fanaticism that gives birth to hizbollah, hamas, et al. it is feeding it to no end. . . sigh

4:39 PM  
Blogger tozaz said...

Your dream world seems so amazing!!! What would you do without sex, fun, good food and free tv? Well, you will probably get an opportunity to read books or develop your intellectual capacities. It would be a good start for you, don't you think? Also, Nicholas, do you really live in Lebanon? If I was Lebanese, the last thing on my mind would be free tv

4:46 PM  
Blogger Mr Wrath said...

My first day at this blog I was pretty down on the owners, but the more and more you read, and understand Hezbollah and Lebanon, you realize they wish Hezbollah never had a reason to exist.

It's like a lot of posters want the normal everyday people in Lebanon to throw on their military gear after they get done with their day job as an accountant, grab their automatic weapons and personal rocket launchers, and then go out in the driveway to get in their tank and go take on Hezbollah.

5:01 PM  
Blogger mrtez said...


i would much appreciate if you could show to all of us how this blog is anti-israeli? we nurture dialogue between all kinds of people and never but reported the truth.
to all of us, please show us the hate in this blog. we call for a cease-fire to end the killing of civilians. is this hate?
awaiting your response

5:42 PM  
Blogger Jaeger said...

Israel has the right to defend itself. Not raze a country.

I have no doubt the damage is indeed substantial. But let's keep a little bit of perspective here.

Personally I'm grateful that our host and other Lebanese bloggers are taking the time to blog and share their experiences with us. I find it very informative and I hope our hosts appreciate the feedback from us in the west who respond. What they are not writing about is often more informative than what they actually post, though.

I haven't seen much in the way of bloggers stopping because they've been killed, for example. Or attending funerals for their personal friends and family. Or moving from place to place as everywhere they take refuge gets bombed. I assume if there were such a thing as a Hizb'Allah blogger from southern villages these are things we'd be seeing, but that's not what we're seeing from residents of Beirut and environs. The very fact that they are still blogging suggests a home, computer, electricity and telecommunications infrastructure very much intact. I am sure if you live in a southern village where the rockets are being launched the experience is genuinely hellish, but don't try to tell us the entire country is being razed, as the evidence before our eyes manifestly does not support such hyberbole.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous eric said...

Right on. Let me rephrase that:

Israel has the right to defend itself. Not raze entire cities.

And let us hope they will stop before all power plants are destroyed, all gas stations, all bridges, all ports, all factories...

6:13 PM  
Anonymous eric said...


6:16 PM  
Blogger Mr Wrath said...

I honestly think the fighting is not far from ending, and I also think that the damage to the infrastructure had a military purpose quite honestly.

The speed at which Lebanon rebuilds compared to a place like Iraq will be a joke. The spirit of the people in Lebanon is quite impressive. Tourism there after this will be better than ever because truth be told, a lot of people never even realized what a resort-like fun place it was until all of this happened.

I did not know the people there thought more west than middle east, and I bet people all over the world didn't...(this is where someone jumps in and says "I did, you should read a book) I did not expect to see pictures of bikinis, fun, sailing, and partying at trendy clubs like I have...

My wishes are for a quick end to fighting which I see coming after a possible all out ending beforehand which could suck, and I do believe people now look at Lebanon differently, and that tourism and the economy there will skyrocket.

Having never been there, looking at the pictures before this started, I had absolutely no idea that Lebanon was such a fun and beautiful fact I never would have guessed. Feel free to slam me on my ignorance, but I am just being honest, the place looks like california, and I expected people in camo and assault rifles.

6:30 PM  
Anonymous Rania said...

The entire country is not being razed... maybe not.
It's true that people in Beirut and a few other locations still have homes, electricity, computers and the telecommunications infrastructure is still there but they are far from intact. This is to give you an idea of how we are currently living; electricity is now supplied by personal generators and is greatly rationed as fuel supplying these generators will run out soon. The American University Hospital of Beirut (A major hospital) is also under threat of running out of fuel and thus of not being able to treat all kinds of patients. On a more personal note, my aunt just discovered she has cancer (as if dealing with war is not enough), and even though her cancer is at its earliest stage she has to wait until the blockade ends to treat it, which by the looks of it, might be as soon as her cancer reaches…. umm stage II or perhaps III? Our mobility is also very limited as gas stations have finally run out of fuel, and as we are scared every time we cross a bridge or even a truck. There is a great fear factor. Mobility is also greatly decreased because many towns are being razed, and you don't want your attention to drift a little and yourself to end up in the wrong side of town (sometimes that is just a few hundred meters away). Communications networks are still working, but internet speed is not the same, and telecommunications are sometimes jammed. Their availability and functioning is not at all intact. Many employees did not cash their salaries this month. Many companies are on the verge of bankruptcy. Availability of water and food supplies is also affected. A less grave outcome, cigarettes are “out of stock” in many convenient stores. We are not currently living in the South, but our experience is equally hellish. The South is our country and sometimes our helplessness renders our breathing difficult. Even Beirut and its environs are not the same. They are dark, eerily silent, definitely dying. Many of us are now living a psychodrama of life and death. Contemplating your own death is a must. We are sleep deprived. Many now exist on vodka, cigarettes and pill popping, that is on whatever anxiety pills can be found. Vodka and cigarettes… and pill popping are not part of the famous Beirut nightlife anymore. Far from that, we are experiencing the death of our own nation. It’s difficult to explain... The other day I got an e-mail from an American friend who wanted to give me support because my wedding had to be cancelled. Her wedding was cancelled too for other reasons obviously and she has a support group for brides who have to get married without a wedding!!!!! Support much appreciated but a long way from home. We don't even have support groups because our entire future is razed and our dreams shattered, and “areas” of our country razed. We have spirit, but it too is being razed. So please let’s keep a bit of perspective here, the damage is more than substantial. It’s devastating. Am sure the hosts of this blog as well as all of us appreciate the feedback from you in the west who respond, but all of you in the West, if this sort of damage were to happen to you, God forbid, how would you rate it, by your western standards? Just substantial?
As to our bloggers not stopping because they’ve been killed, or interrupting because they’re attending funerals of friends and family, or moving from place to place to take refuge because everywhere they go gets bombed, what can I say?
Am sure you mean well, but the image you just described is straight out of a movie (maybe Mars Attacks) and actual people are living it here. Your stating it as matter of fact, might suggest indifference when people affected, even us Beirutis read it.
On another tone, I agree with you what our bloggers aren’t writing is actually more informative than what they post.
Such things as a Hizbollah blogger is not mentioned for it does not exist.
We are not dead, and we are not attending funerals of friends and family… yet because maybe we don’t have many friends and family who belong with Hizbollah, (and those of us who do, could have attended a funeral and then posted comments later, couldn’t have they?) and because most (not all most) Hizbollah people are not well integrated in the Lebanese society, do not have an equal level of education as the rest of the Lebanese, and do not belong to the same social class. Maybe because they are the unfortunate extremely poor and illiterate that the Hezb have fed throughout the years when our government was weak, and no one else glimpsed at them. They were born because our land is occupied. They are the resistance and resistances were never under the auspices of governments. They are Lebanese, YET Lebanon is not Hezbollah. Furthermore, the Lebanese constitution is extremely complex and in order to judge what is really happening one must be EXTREMELY informed about our history and about our social fabric.
Don’t try to tell me my entire country is not being razed before my eyes, while I and many other peace loving individuals lay totally helpless. The evidence before My eyes and My heart suggests such Hyperbole. We are in deep shit and we can only pray for a miracle!!!

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Olmert supporter (Hadi) said...

Afer Haifa tonight there will be no cease fire and Israel will take off its gloves properly and start the razing of entire cities and if provoked further there will be the end to a country
its sad but such is life if we choose the idiots Iran and its Hezbullah fukkers.

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me subject you to more US arrogance, Iran won't help...they suck, and nuse proxy fighters like Hezbollah.

The U.S. spends as much on their military each year as every other country in the world combined....every stealth B-2 bomber costs 1 Billion dollars each....the drones you hear noware now compared to ours flinging hellfire missles...a single tomahawk missle costs 1.4 million and we have 2000 or so, and I won't get into the 10,000 nuclear bombs which sucked 60 years ago but managed to kill 220,000 people in Japan with a single shot...times that by 10,000....

It is arrogant, but what exactly are the Muslims that hate us going to do??? And trust me, Israel isn't going anywhere, so give it up. They got like 300 nukes and could have wiped all the countries off the map that want to wipe them off the map....there's irony...

11:26 PM  
Anonymous eric said...

The link I posted earlier seems now to have an MP4 of a boy who moved around to a safer area with his family and says that after a building was torn, everyone is now supporting HA. This is not what I had meant to link to. The maps still seem to be here (if they don't move around again...): and the reports here:

Rania: hang in there!


1:32 AM  
Blogger yoni said...

In Tel Aviv, Israel every sturday there is a parade and demostration. The parade is against the war. We, Israely peace lovers , Arab and Jewish, are calling our goverment and Hizballa to cease-fire right now!!! The parade is growing bigger every week. This saturday we were 6,000.

11:02 AM  
Blogger Ragamuffin said...

I am still waiting for a major rally like this in Germany ... But due to our "special" relationship with Israel, I'm afraid something equivalent is not going to happen here anytime soon.
So I have to cry it out in blogs, discussionboards and in discussions with all people I know: CEASEFIRE NOW!

12:57 PM  
Blogger Mr Wrath said...

An unconditional cease-fire solves nothing. The U.S. is made to look like it wants Israel to ruin Lebanon, I do not believe this true. The government of Lebanon is U.S. backed, and the strikes by Israel are actually counter-productive to the U.S. goals of freedom and democracy in the middle east.

I do however believe the U.S. did want Israel to hit Hezbollah hard, but maybe didn't realize Israel would hit the entire nation..I think they did buy time for Israel claiming it was to work on a conditional cease-fire, but a conditional cease-fire is a better way in my opinion to make sure this has little chance of happening again.

I also agree the support for Hezbollah will die down with the fighting...

2:54 PM  
Blogger Jaeger said...

Here's an interesting post by someone who was at the rally in London:

I looked around me and saw people with Hizbullah flags, chanting to ridiculous, hateful proclamations from the speakers and I decided I didn’t belong there, and left.

The protests we've had in Canada have had a similar flavour - hateful people chanting "Intifada, intafada" - threatening the end of Israel, and most disturbingly, chanting that there will be no peace in Canada if there's no peace in Beirut.

These protests don't have the effect you think they have. Mostly they highlight that Hizb'allah and the other Arab terrorist organizations aren't just Israel's problem, but that they have a worryingly large presence in our countries, too.

4:01 PM  
Anonymous James Knochti said...

when the hell are we going to see a public demo in Beirut against the war?? pro peace movement? does it exist in lovely beirut where lovely beiruti leave?? or too scared of Iran and Syria? :)

2:39 PM  
Blogger Watchman777 said...

Greg, U R right in many of ur observations, but Israel had it's back against the wall. A country which has started building a wall to divide it from the Palestinians so as NOT to have their innocent citizens killed by senseless-non life reguarding fanatics who BELIEVE that strapping a bomb to themself and killing ZIONISTS gets them a special reward in heaven!
CONTRARY to popular belief, Israel does NOT want war, they want to be permitted TO EXIST! I KNOW that most middle-easteners do NOT believe that Israel is a peace loving Nation and that is due to the brainwashing propaganda of radical Islam, which has TWO agendas. First and foremost, the TOTAL destruction of Israel and second, WORLD domination! NEITHER of which will be realized, but hey ya gotta have goals.
Hezballah is very skilled at Gorilla warfare but could NOT match up with the IDF in a one on one conflict-let me refer to the 6 day war in 1967, utterly outnumbered by the way and still sent the Arab states packing. Whether U choose to believe it or not is of no consequence, but Israel is guided by the CREATOR of the Universe and will ALWAYS be protected.
The issue between Israel and the Arab world IS a RELIGOUS one and to DENY that is a display of pure ignorance. Go into the Bible, READ the book of Genesis and then determine for yourself!

11:05 PM  

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