Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Maliban Bottling Factory film

Above is footage I took during the war in Lebanon, an interview with the manager and foreman of the Maliban bottling factory in the Beqaa Valley, which was bombed to kingdom come by the Israelis for no other reason but that it was an economic target. There were no militias, or fighters there - not that that would have been justified either. One man was killed. See the Maliban post about a month and half ago for more details.
It is still not known whether the factory will rebuild and the business will continue.


Blogger Doc said...

If the IDF could provide a decent, reasonable explanation to the destruction of a bottling factory, then I may be able understand more of their strategy and planning-- so cunning and precise indeed--during the conflict. I may even join them in their justification...

However,so far, I do not even think the IDF has claimed HZ fighters and weapons were in and around the premises, correct? Has there been justification for its destruction similar to Qana, UN base, airport, gas stations etc? Somebody tell me please. If not, then I have to agree with RS that this was purely economical and in line with "set us back 20 years" strategy. Voila.

9:23 PM  
Blogger Jaeger said...

I think it was a devious Jewish plot to make the Lebanese look like a bunch of pathetic whiners.

Okay, so when you kidnap their soldiers and fire rockets at their cities they bomb you back twenty years. Now will you release the soldiers?

2:10 AM  
Blogger HCB said...

You really are a poor representative of Israel, Jaeger. Your comments take the Israeli cause all the way back to the original terrorist in the area - Menachem Begin. I enjoy talking to others from Israel I've met here. But people like you make me want to personally pilot the first bomber over Tel Aviv.

3:28 AM  
Blogger RS said...

Indeed there has been no evidence of any militant activity near this factory. In fact, the Indian manager of the plant said that his company had spurned overtures to open a factory in Israel years ago and Israel was taking the opportunity of the war to repay them. That is what he says but it has of course not be proven. However, in line with the ISraeli air campaign which bombed numerous other factories, businesses and outlets that had nothing to do with Hizbollah, targets really that can be considered nothing but economic it would seem to be an unjustified attack clearly aimed at causing maximum damage - as reports claimed at the time.

4:42 AM  
Blogger Blacksmith Jade said...

Yeah I picked up on this story a while ago and the destruction of a dairy plant was reported in the DailyStar. According to their analysis, this was a strike purely inspired by Israel's desire to have its dairy firms supply the UNIFL force as opposed to Lebanon. Too far fetched? Check it out for yourselves!

5:57 AM  
Blogger dobegs said...

how booooring Ramsay, seems like you have nothing else to keep beirut live going?? and could you tell us folks how time out beirut is going?
I find it sad to see you bring this footage that one could argue that it is fabricated... one could also say that you have absaloutly no idea if there were Hezbullah militants hiding... and yes it is a just cause if they were hiding there.

anyway, good luck with rebuilding. and lets hope you and your government can keep your militants at bay so we can all have some peace..

Lets live a little and stop preaching hate and blame all this life!
Ciao belo!

2:23 AM  
Blogger HCB said...

Right you are, dobad - the bogey man might have been hiding from the bombers in the bottle factory. I'm glad you pointed to that possibility because it opens up a lot of others - like all the spies and Jewish terrorists living near the border of Lebanon. Now I finally understand the rockets - they are for all the Israelis hiding in the border towns and Haifa from sneaking across the border. Why else would they be living in such godforsaken places. And I'll bet the two POWs caught trying to get across the border that Israel used as an excuse for its war crimes were carrying rifles and hand grenades.

Are you having second thoughts about plans to kill "arabs" and "islamic fascists" because of world opinion? What is it - you think you have to have an excuse? No excuse is needed since for Israelis. It's automatic. If Israel doesn't like someone or someplace he or she will be killed and it will be destroyed. Not by the force of God - by the force of weapons and money from the US and the evil will of the Israeli Premier and war minister. So - don't worry. So long as there are people like you running around loose, there will be bombs falling and children killed. It's the Israeli nature.

3:41 PM  
Blogger dobegs said...

hcb or howard you seem really angry and it is my duty to advise you to seek help my friend you have so much hate in you.... pitty is what I have for you. I wish you all the very best to recovery.

7:43 PM  
Blogger HCB said...

I expected no more from a true Israeli wannabe warrior. First you say how bored you are with the whole thing and now you trivialize it. Just as I would expect from one of the brave pilots dropping leaflets on people so they will get out into the open as better targets. You are the people who sit in air conditioned comfort while you flip switches and push buttons to kill people from afar. And then you whine no one loves you. I need none of your pity. And you are way beyond hope for anyone else's.

Some day, dobegs - some day the world will understand the nature of the Israeli warlord. And then the dollars will stop flowing. And then you can go to the kibbutz and trivialize the situation.

Hate? No - I don't hate. I want only to see Israel get a taste of the brutality it so wantonly and thoughtlessly commits.

8:55 PM  
Blogger dobegs said...

ouch that really hurt.

again honey - seek help, and also at your age you should be getting about and enjoying life more and sort your problems with the help of a professional!

its sad to read all the hate you preach, its sad to see that there are no more readers on here really......

its actually fun to see that you and a real few (maybe 2) remained glued to the hate preaching boooooring discussion on here.

Mister Beri said today that it is time to negotitate peace with Israel today... today so there fuck you and lets hope he makes it happen for all of us.... so you can finally shut the f*** up.

bye bye darling.

7:36 PM  

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