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Today's damage

I'm going up to Jounieh now. It's 11.20pm. I'll expand when I am back. But have no illusions about this - this is Israel attacking all of the people of Lebanon, every single one. All of Lebanese infrastructure. And that is why many people believe that someone has to resist. It now happens to be Hizbullah - like it or not - because clearly the Lebanese army, America and the West don't care a damn about protecting Lebanon from Israel. Now Israel will invade up to the Litani having cleansed the area of its people and caused 1 million people to be displaced. Israel has no right to attack the whole of Lebanon - not in its battle against Hizbullah which could have been handled so clearly very differently and it has no right to cut off the only remaining road out of the capital north to Damascus. This is dividing the nation and blockading the people, their livelihoods and destroying the beautiful Lebanon, and it is not winning Israel any friends.

At least three civilians were killed and 15 wounded Friday when Israeli warplanes struck four bridges along the coastal highway leading north from Beirut towards the Syrian border, a Red Cross official and media reports said.
The jets staged their first raids early in the morning on the coastal road 20 kilometers north of Beirut, including a main bridge near the "Casino du Liban," in Jounieh, they said.

Moments later they hit the Fidar bridge in the village of Halat before striking the Madfun main bridge linking northern Lebanon with the rest of the country, they said.

The bombs left huge holes in the bridges and collapsed the one at Fidar. A number of cars were thrown off the roads and some were set on fire. The body of one of the victims was found in a car below the Madfun bridge.

The bridges are along the northern coastal highway which was practically the only outlet leading out of the country by land through Syria after the bombardment of other border crossing points by Israeli air force.

The region targeted had up to now been largely spared by the Israelis who have been hitting Lebanon's infrastructure since July 12.

Other strikes were launched on the Faraya-Ouyoun al-Siman road that links the Kesrouan Mountains with the Bekaa Valley and on the Afka-Tarayya road connecting the Bekaa with Mount Lebanon.

Earlier, a soldier was killed and three others wounded when Israeli jets bombed a military position in Ouzai south of Beirut, an army officer said.

Israeli warplanes also bombed a major power station that serves the south of the Bekaa Valley and much of southern Lebanon, security officials said.

Fighter-bombers struck the Ibrahim Abdel Aal power station at Sohmor, four kilometers south of the Qaraoun artificial lake on the Litani dam in central Lebanon, the officials said.

Electricity was immediately cut in the region. The scale of damage was not immediately known, and there was no word of victims.

Security officials said Israeli fighter-bombers launched 19 raids in less than an hour on Ouzai. It was the first bombing of this coastal district which consists largely of low-income houses and workshops.

Warplanes broke the sound barrier over Beirut causing panic among residents.

A huge pall of smoke mixed with flames rose over Ouzai, reportedly caused by an explosion at a petrol station hit by one of the bombs.

A few hours earlier Israel had threatened to spread its bombardment to new areas of the southern suburbs, a Hizbullah stronghold, and dropped leaflets calling on residents to flee.

Missiles were fired at the Rweiss and Haret-Hreik districts, security officials said. Rweiss, which had initially been spared, was first targeted the previous night after a week's respite in strikes on the capital's suburbs.

Haret-Hreik and Bir al-Abed, where Hizbullah's headquarters is located, were pounded for two weeks and are in ruins.

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah threatened late Thursday to strike at Tel Aviv if Beirut were hit by air strikes.

Israeli public television quoted a senior military official as saying that its army would destroy all Lebanese infrastructure if Hizbullah carried out its threat.

Dozens of raids overnight Thursday to Friday shook several villages in the southern regions of Tyre and Nabatiyeh, relatively far from the border where there were violent clashes between Israeli troops and Hizbullah fighters, security officials said.

The United States said Thursday a U.N. resolution aimed at ending the conflict in Lebanon was close, and ordered its diplomats to work through the weekend if no deal was reached by Friday.

As haggling went on at the United Nations on a resolution, Washington again denied it had opposed a ceasefire to allow its ally to crush Hizbullah.

"We're certainly getting close," said Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, but backed away from comments she made at the end of her Middle East trip on Monday that a ceasefire and political deal on the crisis could come this week.

"We're now working on a Security Council resolution and hopefully we can get that passed and I think it certainly will be within days," said Rice told CNN.

French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy meanwhile said he believes "more than ever" that a durable ceasefire between Hizbullah and Israel will be in place soon.

"We are working day and night so that a durable ceasefire can take place as soon as possible. I believe it, I believe it more than ever after my trip to the Near East, after coming back from Beirut two days ago," he told the BBC


Blogger ChineseBrother said...

We are very angry to see this happening today.
Is it right for Israel to say sorry when each time bomb drops on Lebanese civilians? Repeat and repeat. It wasn’t a mistake. Are they nuting? It seems same as Iraq war. Do Israeli war plane avoid killing civilian? No, many-many old man, handicap, children and woman trap in bombed building, bomb shelter and apartment. Who guided the Israeli guide bomb and bunker-buster bomb? Many poor people, they couldn’t leave; they don’t have money, taxi charge up to $1,000 to Beirut. They don’t know where to go, no jungle to hide. Who are going to take care off this people? I even hear some children don’t have any shoes.
Even Doctor house destroyed by bomb.

Angry to see way Israel behaves is totally un democracy. They call Ghengis Khan of Middle East. King of Middle East terror. Remember how Ghengis Khan attacks Beijing. Has anyone survived?

Angry, to see the way U.Nation behave wait and see. Israeli is starting with the conquest and building his empire in Middle East. I am surprise to say. Is this the way Bush administration try to spreads democracy to Middle East?

Should UN HQ move to France or China? I agree, are you!! Something inside is not right, UN is under Bush controls. Bush gives green light to Israel. Bush send weapon to Israel. Bush send navy sub to Israel. Bush sends International Assistance to help Lebanese. What Bush trying to do? Helping, spying and destroy? Bush administration is making lot of money from both sides.

Many people here like us opposed Hezbollah, but now had change the mind. Hezbollah has is own way to defense his poor Lebanon. It is not surprise to understand Hezbollah. We don’t see US and Israel as democracy nation. They are the creator of terror link.

Chinese Brother

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ChineseBrother said...

You could without a doubt be the dumbest person on the earth that can use a computer,

2:00 PM  
Blogger RS said...

Can we please try to leave personal insults out of this blog. No one who resorts to personal insult ever wins an argument. I ask all of you to have some respect for each other. Opinions will get very strong in this sort of situation but they are people's opinions and they are entitled to them. Argue points, use facts to the best of the knowledge and stimulate debate.

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to people supporting isreal

the more israel continues with its strikes the more the lebanese people will support hizballa... to those who say that the lebanese are dragging themselves into an islamic state governed by iran thus loosing all freedom they have been so used to ( clubs, blogs, etc...) i say israel is currently doing worse it keeps destroying infrastructure and killing civillians thus depriving lebanese of their basic rights.. so how long are the lebanese supposed to be deprived.. they will side with hisballa wanting to regain these rights because they are seeing no other solution to the problem at hand. israel has an extreamly developed army to which israelies look to to regain their basic rights that have been deprived of those living in the north. but when the lebanese look to their army they see a fragile force which IS NOT AllOWED to grow and that cannot stand up to the israely grinder... so for the million who are stuck in their homes and for the million who have evacuated their homes and for those half a million plus who have fled lebanon and for the thousands of relatives of martyrs what do you ask them to do... become innocent dead bystanders or give their moral support to hizballa.

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
ChineseBrother said...

I could not have said it any better myself, sometimes you have to call a spade a spade, or a duck a duck.

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Civilians die in a is impossible to not kill civilians. Perhaps if you lived in the land of honnilee with puff the magic dragon, the rainbows there would either catch the shells or lift the civilians away??

The death toll in Iraq is so high because Iraqis are killing each other at about 3000 per month...The U.S. took control of the country with precision guided bombs, and in my opinion for taking control of an entire country, the civilian death toll was very low....not much we can do about them killing each other except look in amazement and wonder if cavemen had more sense.

I'm suprised China even lets you see this site..[insert rolling eyes here]

Anyway, back on topic...I kind of think Isreal hit the Christian areas finally because they were being called racist, which is actually more insane. It's like they bombed things to seem "fair" in their destruction instead of bombing them for a strategic purpose.

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My only wish at this moment im writing these few lines, is to walk around Beirut and stroll in this beautiful country...what is, these days, a real dream.

I stayed in Lebanon just four months, i am not Lebanese, but yet I do feel Lebanese, and a fortiori these last sad days...

Israeli stole my beautiful dream...


3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anonymous above, We tried to help Iraq and if they are hell bent on killing each other there is really nothing we can do, I did one thing too help though, I traded in my F250 for a hybird ecaspe so that hopefully we can leave this part of world to destory itself if it wants, though we shold not abanden Israel.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nor should we abandon Lebanon at all. Even at this time when the people there aren't too happy with us, Lebanon is one of the more free countries over there, and you would never want to see it like Iran banning words and telling people what music they must listen to.

If anything Lebanon I think has more in common with Isreal than with Iran.

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, but like in Iraq how can you support people who won't stand up and fight for there own freedom? I do not want to see any American soilders there and the French are pusses and they will not be able to control the HZ under this UN peace deal, so where does that leave us in the U.S., The people in Lebanon must stand up to HZ and I see nothing that leads me to believe this will happen

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And by the way, there is no doubt in my mind that the same people who love to claim we kill civilians know for a fact we go out of our not to, they even use it against us because they know this, and this is why in Iraq they used hospitals and schools as bases of operation. The public outcries of civilian deaths are almost always to inflame emotions in the international community, get more support, and give arabs another reason to take a pee on our flag.

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The people of Lebanon could NOT stand up to Hezbollah even if they wanted to....even the government of Lebanon doesn't have the power because Hezbollah is funded by other countries. It's not a nickel and dime operation.

People standing up to Hezbollah would cause another civil war, and if the government tried, the same thing would happen. The support they have from the Shiites is too great for their own government to do it.

4:09 PM  
Anonymous tool said...

fack! i don't want to pee on the flag, i just want to burn it.


5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


soon enough we won't need your oil and you can burn all the flags you won't because without oil you won't be worth piss and we won't care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:55 PM  
Anonymous phishster said...

is israel controling this war from all dimentions?

9:09 PM  
Anonymous phishster said...

maybe the lebanese government sucks, since they are waiting for the internatioanl community to take action...will the come to a cease fire and finally set our generation free from bombs and rockets!!

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

F. Israel.
F. George Bush.

Follow the money.

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Jim W., Minnesota, usa said...

"Follow the money"????

What does that tell you? You want to see money? Try the arab states!

Better follow the goals and values of the opposing sides.

What type of world do you want to live in? If you really mean F. George Bush, then you also mean F. America, cause here the President represents US. If you want to root against America, then you'de better not be gay, Christian, Atheist, female, critical, or any other TV watching liberal.... There is no tolerance for these types in an Islamic state....

11:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL Bush is the worst President we have ever had, he can barely read, I don't have to like him to like my country....he is nobody better than anyone else.

He is an embarrassment to our country...what the hell are you talking about? LOL you have a lot of relatives? no wonder he got voted back in..

1:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW not that you would probably know, but he just used his first and only veto in office to shoot down a bill that 72% of Americans wanted...America is great, but the prez is a loser who lost his license for drunk driving, admitted cocaine abuse AND DODGED THE MILITARY THANKS TO HIS BILLIONAIRE F. Bush here too, he does NOT represent me. Don't worry, he won't know I said that unless someone reads it to his dumb ass.

The damage he has done to foreign relations that others here probably realize is nothing compared to what he has also done internally.

1:11 AM  
Blogger rufusmommy said...

Please don't think all Americans support Israel in this war. We don't. Bush's unilateral support for Israel sickens me. I read this blog daily and am horrified by the damage being done to Lebanon and it's people. I was finally compelled to comment today after reading this entry. I believe every country has a right to self defense, but I fail to see how Israel's actions are in any self defensive. Please know that some people in America are very angry, angry at Bush, angry at Israel and frankly, I'm pissed at the UN for not taking action (largely due to undue US influence).

1:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is Bush saying anything? His half retarded comment "they have a right to defend themselves" is so stupid.

Isreal obviously is now in offensive mode more than defensive, so Bush...SAY SOMETHING TO THE NATION AND WORLD? Anything real and while your at it, fire whoever writes your lines. say ANYTHING...he does nothing to bring the country together on anything, and he does nothing to keep foreign relations on good terms, and it scares me. Why isn't my favorite TV program being interupted to hear my prez like in the past?

There are ten thousand things to say intelligently to the world that would help justify our position, but he says nothing at all and lets the hate for us god he sucks, I wouldn't let him cook fries at McDonalds.

2:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not all americans agree with what is going on , as a matter of fact, from what I've heard most people are really sickened with the loss of life in Lebanon. I have to say I really think differently about what is going on in the middle east, and the more I learn the more puzzled I am at the lack of a cry from the U.S. for a ceasefire.

5:29 AM  

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