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Israel's Embargo

I have to say that the more I am here in Beirut and the more that we begin to feel the squeeze on basic supplies - gasoline, medicine and so on - the more we have to fight the blockade by Israel of the sovereign nation of Lebanon.
An embargo is perhaps the most strategically dangerous move Israel is using in their war of aggression against Hizbollah which is in fact clearly a battle against the whole nation. The Lebanese people are not capitulating to ISrael's demands, and they will likely never do so. There is no longer a strategic advantage in Israel blockading our country. As the population suffers - starving families and refugees, sick children without access to antibiotics - sympathy for the LEbanese people grows, allies join us, and the people of Lebanon are becoming more radicalized against Israel than they ever were across the board, and it is a new generation of young people who didnt experience the last ISraeli invasion of the country who are getting more radical, seeing their nation, hopes and dreams in flames. This may, and I say may, have been less without the embargo.
The international community that backs Israel and Israel itself is not winning any hearts and minds with this or discouraging extremism, merely encouraging it.
Furthermore what this will eventually do is destabilise the LEbanese government more than it is already, strangle this democracy that exists here.
Israel is applying the logic of Gaza to the whole of Lebanon with this embargo. They have established a valve which they can turn on and off at will in effect to force the nation to its knees. So when Olmert says this is a fight against Hizbullah and he regrets the suffering of the Lebanese people, it is not a fight against them, take a step back and think for a second about this embargo, alongside this war, that is crippling a nation, bringing it to its knees and causing suffering on a massive scale for the Lebanese people, many of whom were never supporters of Hizbullah at the beginning and are not necessarily now but who are avidly against Israel more than they may ever have been before.


Anonymous Mazen said...

Ramsay I feel really sorry to read your post but.... Olmert is a jerk and we all know this.
the embargo as you call it is t ocontrol movements of any arms and rockets replenishments to Hezbullah!!
so I can understand why in war everybody hurts!!!
its a really shame what the bloody Olmert is doing to our country and to his glorious country but its even more a shame that we cant have a realy powerful govenment that reign on the entire country!!
leaving some part to be ruled by Iran and Syria is not what I call democracy nor I call it free.

you can talk as you live in Beirut and write the glorified timeout beirut... you have no idea what its like to live next to these crazy extremists who use our homes and children and also want to impose Irani strict laws around the entir ecountry.
Im sorry I dont blaim Izrael this time.
the embargo is friuit of war and we brought it on ourselves.

we need to get wiser and get rid of Syria and Iran..... we had a peaceful likfe before for a while... it was lovely.. but as long as these countries rule us we are nothing!

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lets not forget that Lebanon's government allowed all this arms movement to arm Hizbullah and kill Israel. so embargo is probably the right thing during war.
good point Mazen.

I still believe that humanitrian aid food, medicin and fuel should reach all of us.. Israel should somehow allow this through

didnt they allow fuel today?

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really should register since this is my probably 25th post in a few days, but for now, as in many posts I will mention I am here in the U.S. because even though it doesn't apply to anything, I am posting anonymous, and I feel I should atleast give people some idea of where I am to be fair.

It is my opinion from a civilian viewpoint that Isreal does feel much braver because they have U.S. backing over other countries of the area. With this thinking, they kind of know we would never let them lose in the long run even if it made the rest of the world mad, we are getting kind of used to the rest of the world being mad at us.

I also think think Syria and Iran stay out and use proxy fighting through Hezbollah not so much because of Isreals military which is not too shabby at all, but because they know they are a thorn in the side of America, and a good reason like attacking Isreal would give us a reason to join in.

OK then, I don't want to kill a dream or anything because the people of the world are really hoping and wishing well for the non-militant people of Lebanon, but my honest thoughts are that Isreal and the U.S. governments know that it really won't matter if the entire country turns pro-hezbollah in a military sense, and even if they bring in Iran and Syria as well. These countries are feared for terrorist attacks, but can really do very little otherwise aside from constantly causing trouble.

We do not deal with Iran on any level and hardly even recognize them as a legitimate country. The fact Iran funds Hezbollah, and the fact Hezbollah runs much of Lebanon with support, will always stop Lebanon from really finding it's full potential in the world.

What I am saying is that basically the people there turning more pro-hezbollah is not a desired effect Isreal or the U.S. would want, but probably considered very little of a threat to the west, and a risk worth taking to remove Hezbollah and Iran from Lebanon.

6:07 PM  
Blogger RS said...

Just to respond I have a very good idea of what it is like to live next to these people as I have done so in the south of the country, in different villages. THis embargo may be affecting Hizbollah but it is affecting the people of Lebanon more. I am afraid to say that a battle against Hizbullah is not a battle against Lebanon, and whether the LEbanese government is weak or not, - I agree it is - it is not up to Israel and America to dictate how Lebanon solves its problems - and neither Syria and Iran. This country was on the way - slowly maybe but on the way nevertheless - to sorting out this situation and would have done so eventually. War against the whole country is not the answer. There is and was another way.

6:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was not up to the U.S. to dictate how hitler ran things either was it? People all over Lebanon were doing nothing this summer but enjoying some peace and living their lives...seemed all good, so why then would Hezbollah take it upon themselves to start a war and end so many dreams for people in Lebanon?

All Hezbollah had to do really was NOT fire rockets at people, or not kill and kidnap soldiers of other war, and the summer fun was still on in Lebanon.

6:17 PM  
Blogger Ragamuffin said...

I absolutely agree that war against all of Lebanon is not a solution. And I am really pissed off at our governments who stand by, watching, without being able to agree on anything to change this situation.
Seeing Lebanon bombed to pieces, after a decent recovery in the wake of occupation, war and civil war is painful enough for me as non-Lebanese.
And seeing the complacency of our governments, playing the blame-game ("But they started it." "And Lebanon should have complied with UN res 1559." True, but has anyone from an official standpoint ever insisted that Israel kept true to the 50-60-70 or so UN resolutions it simply ignored to this day?) is simply sickening.

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This attack was planned well in advance. There is no way a war like this can start in one day. Hizbullah did what they did and no one is condoning that. But Israel is perpertrating a war that should be stopped.

6:42 PM  
Blogger Arab Killer said...

It seems to me that your "allies" are doing absolutely nothing while you are bombed to smithereens.

It is comical to see your defenseless country crumble into the ground and uncapable of doing anything about it.

Turn to hizbollah and get more free weaponry delivered to you by Israel! It seems like a good plan, guy!

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


you said : 'it is not up to Israel and America to dictate how Lebanon solves its problems - and neither Syria and Iran.'

see how you put the blame on America and Israel... and then uneasy at pointing to Iran and Syria.

It Is Israel and Israelis that are killed by Iranian/Syrian rockets launched from the lovely southern Lebanon.... so to my mind you will all agree that Israel has the right to try and stop this madness especially when Iran and its politicians clearly and publically wants to wipe Israel out of any map.... Syria and Lebanon are helping Iran bring this to reality.

an embargo for movement of arms to kill more Israelis is justified.
its a shame your elected government choose to support Iran Syria's dream...

dont you know what a disaster could happen if this dream really comes true and Iran or Serya nukes Israel? Israel and Lebanon are very close.... this would mean Lebanon will also be hurt for many many years and there will not be any prospect for festivals appearing on your timeout beirut.

WAKE UP and do it now man.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Mr Wrath said...

I have said it before, Hezbollah is NOT an official government entity, and should NOT be treated like one. They should NOT be offered the same protections the Lebanon government would be. If the people there want to back Hezbollah, they almost choose to have no power in the world.

The government of Lebanon did VERY little to even try to round up international support to remove or disarm Hezbollah. The peoples of Lebanon who offer support to Hezbollah are the real trouble, because the world will only respect true governments. Hezbollah somehow fooled people there into thinking they had some kind of pull with the international community, but it is the pleading of the actual government there that is what countries are responding to, I thought it was so funny when Hezbollah asked even in the direction of the international community for a cease country really cares what they say other than Iran.

When finally the international community does force Isreal to stop, the idiots of Hezbollah will claim victory, but in reality the world is worried about the fledgling government, the REAL government of Lebanon, and the people there...the international community does not care too much about Hezbollah. It's actually laughable that Hezbollahs force of 1000 or even 30,000 would even think they had any say in anything in the world.

A few countries worry about the military might of the U.S. which is why we can be the only country backing the Isreal attacks, and that's enough, but WAY more countries let the U.S. have so much say because the economies of their countries rely so heavily on ours.

When someone asks "why is the world not doing anything?" you must not read the news...The U.S. was the only country to vote down a resolution to stop it, and we vetoed the attempt at the U.N....I agree with the veto personally. You guys in Lebanon need to stand up and take back your country from Iran...we do NOT deal with Iran, but we very much want to deal with Lebanon. As long as Iran has so much power there, Lebanon will never be it's own country and reach the goals many dream of.

The U.S. does NOT want Lebanon destroyed, we want Lebanon on top of it's region, with it's people and the economy thriving, but we do think Iran sucks, and Hezbollah must go.

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so, so sorry your country is suffering. Everytime I see a picture of anyone on the news, especially the death of children, it's just so terrible. Stay safe and thank you for this blog. I know it doesn't mean much, but there are people in the U.S. that don't want this for your country. Or any country for that matter. Again, Stay safe.

7:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RS - why not call your post: 'Lebanon's Embargo' ?

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YOU THINK IRAN SUCKS - Go on prove how literate Americans are. Another interesting point that arises from your masterfully stupid argument is the fact that you bloody put the Mullahs in power in Iran, so why don't you "eat on that", as you Americans say.

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you sad sad sado angry self hating american

2 words: seek help!

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, declared that “War is deceit.”

Specifically, he taught that lying was permissible in battle.[1]

While the doctrines of religious deception (taqiyya and kitman) are most often identified with Shi’ite Islam, and ostensibly rejected by Sunnis, because they were sanctioned by the Prophet, they can still be found in traditions that Sunni Muslims consider reliable, and are practiced among Salafis. Jihadists today have spoken of the usefulness of deceptive practices.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another point, MR WRATH - "saying Hezbollah must go" just proves your simplistic and naïve view of the whole situation. You can't just tell "Hezbollah to go" you imbecile. It's arisen from decades of social pressures and social transformation within Lebanon that you will never understand, and which I don't have the time to explain here. So why don't you leave internal Lebanese politics to us Lebanese, and in the meanwhile, read up about the Middle East before you start writing on walls on subjects that you, or your president, have no idea about. If your counter-argument goes something like this: “but Hezbollah are operating inside Lebanon and showering rockets on Israel” I have about a million and one counter argument to that to completely destroy your argument, so “bring it”.
If your point was, we should encourage Hezbollah to give up their weapons or integrate into the army, yes I TOO want this. But this can only be achieved by an internal Lebanese agreement, and not under the auspices of American-made Israeli artillery.
Have a good evening, Sir.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Mr Wrath said...

Go live in Iran if it's so great, Iran now just decided to ban any foreign words such as pizza and yeah, if a country makes it illegal to say pizza or cabin, they suck. They don't just suck a little bit, they suck a lot.

They tell the people what to watch, what music they can hear, and that saying "pizza" is illegal...LOL

8:08 PM  
Blogger Mr Wrath said...

OH, and anon, yes, I did mean that Hezbollah should disarm and I have no issue with them joining the army of Lebanon as long as they allow the accepted government to make the choices for the people...I just didn't word it very sensitively.

8:11 PM  
Anonymous Fabrice said...

dont even bother Mr Wrath I think Anonymous is a scared and self hating poor person who cannot even imagine life without extreme resistance.

Iran and syria and life in these countries apeal to him/her I just hope that he seeks help very very soon.....

Mr wrath please leave the poor idiot alone... its not even worth responding.

8:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is pretty clear why Hezbollah kidnapped soldiers. A simple look at the history of the dealings with Israel would reveal that answer: Talks and negotiations do not work with them and they have initially kidnapped Lebanese and others form Lebanon and kept them probably to allow something like this to happen but mostly because no one can tell them not to do so or to hold them back. UN resolutions do not work either. If they did then resolution 425 would have been implemented without resistance in the south of Lebanon. Only the resolutions that serve their interests (and the US of course) must be implemented even by force as we are seeing today with resolution 1559. It is why Hariri was assassinated. It is why they want international forces to enter Lebanon instead of Syrian forces. So much for sovereignty when Syrian forces are replaced by other forces serving mainly to protect Israel. Otherwise it would have been proposed to have these international forces placed in both Lebanon AND Israel. If not then Lebanon will become another Iraq. People who will not be allowed to go back to their homes in the south where the forces will form their security strip will resort to resistance and fight (with rocks if they have no weapons). Enemies of Israel will begin pouring into the country all wanting a piece of the action. What better than going to fight the west and Israel in Europe and the States than having them come to them in the Middle East? Then this will justify larger scale action in the region as a whole.

This embargo is similar to all the illegitimate acts of Israel in order to cripple the country to the point of submission. The embargo is not considered a method of stopping the resistance as some might say. It is a method of killing innocent people who are not militants and probably never intended to be. There is no difference whatsoever between someone dying because of a shell, a bullet or the lack of medicine or food or water. Iraq was crippled by embargo for YEARS! People came to a point where hunger and desperation reached its peak where anyone who gives them food is welcome even if it means killing each other and allowing foreign forces to rape their country and their people. Ironically the people who fed them finally were their rapists all along! Think what would happen if the Lebanese people became crippled by embargo and destruction to the point of desperation. Would they sellout for whatever comes their way or would they fight to the end? Both I would think. Some are already selling out now. Willingly! Others are fighting and will die fighting I’m sure. Everyone dies. Some die fighting and some die sellouts.

This is all part of a bigger plot. A new re-mapping of the entire Middle East. It has been done in WW1 by Sykes & Picot ( ). Now it is Middle East Part-2. The sequel! Future history may read that the Middle East was again re-mapped in WW3 starting with an attack on the Twin Towers in Sep-11 by so called terrorists and it was all down-hill from there.

But then you all don't give a damn about all that jazz. All you care about is for all this to blow over so you can get back to partying and summer fun.

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Nahia said...

what utter rubbish above! Israel has the legitimate right to control movement of arms that is going to be used to kill Israerlis from Lebanon soil.

a thought: Lebanon - does it exist ?? or should we refer to it as Iran? or aka of suburb of Syria? whatever you prefer mate...

it also seem that you prefer it living the style of Iran where women equals rubbish... and gays are killed. I suggest you move there so us Lebanese wont get to that situation and Lebanon is secular and lives in peace with the world and its neigburs.

you are talking rubbish and should go back to tehran.
maa salame

8:31 PM  
Blogger Mr Wrath said...

One of the most important things our founders here in the U.S. tried to establish was the seperation of church and state. Religion can not run a country, and to tell you the truth Bush really pisses me off pushing christianity. His first and only veto was just recently to block stem cell research because his religion is against it, but 72% of Americans were in favor....he used his first veto to shoot down something 72% of our country wanted, and this shows exactly why religion should not be in politics.

In the middle east it is so much more of an extreme case....they often seem to want to base their entire government around religion, and I really can't see that ever working unless everyone of other religions are killed off.

As people there sit and laugh about how stupid the Americans are, and how wrong we do you ever think for a second we are on top with the power to change the world while the middle east countries have so many resources...the hugest of course oil, yet have almost no power in the world?

People there say we have it all wrong, but at the same time as people are in misery there, we have a huge problem trying to figure out how to keep millions of illegal immigrants from pouring into our country every year??

It's always the same too, people run here to get away from dictators, religious freaks, killing, and fanatics who feel the need to run around with guns calling themselves the heros of the people.

People die living there, but people are willing to give their entire life savings away and risk death to even attempt to sneak illegally into the U.S. so that they can live free, so it's really hard for me to be swayed to the fact the U.S. has it all wrong.

8:36 PM  
Blogger Mr Wrath said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:54 PM  
Blogger Mr Wrath said...

BTW, the people of Iraq lived under oppression for so long, with so much oil as a great natural resource, they were literally handed a free pass to be a world power when we removed Saddam, but look what they have done with it....they fight over who gets to be the next dictator. Seriously, look at what the people of Iraq have done instead of always placing the blame on the west...they are killing each other to see who gets to be the next dictator because they can't live together like we hoped.

When people say the attacks to remove Hezbollah leans people to like Hezbollah better, welcome to being the next Iraq...if people take this chance to get rid of Hezbollah and support legitimate government...Lebanon will become a real power in the world, and will be backed by many strong nations.

We aren't doing much of anything there, but we always do get lumped in with anything Isreal does...I've never been there, and don't even know a single jew...I don't think I have ever even met one really, but whatever, we are always lumped in with them....LOL I just asked my fiance if she knew any jews and she said "Adam Sandler" and I laughed and said nnnooo I mean in real life and she said "no"

9:12 PM  
Blogger Jenm said...

Yes, the U.S. is a fantastic country -- on paper. Unfortunately, it doesn't really work that way. We supposedly have a democracy, but ask the people if they feel like they have a say in government. Ask the people who voted for Bush, who approves of Bush, and you'll find a great disparity between what should be and what is. The truth is the US is just like any other dictatorship in the world, only are limits aren't as black and white, and we have more room for exceptions. Yes, we have "freedom of the press" but is our press really free? Why isn't the mainstream media reporting more on the war in Lebanon? There are all sorts of news stories that the papers don't cover because the government doesn't want you to see them. I could go on and on about how the US government is like a dictatorship, but this isn't really the time or theh place. Suffice it to say that yes, the US looks great on paper, but in practice, it isn't all it's cracked up to be.

9:21 PM  
Anonymous tool said...

ur a facking retard mr wrath!


9:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:26 PM  
Blogger Mr Wrath said...

Who do you think I am? I am an American giving my opinion on things. America really hasn't much to do with this directly or many other situations in the world we get lumped into, so I am defending my country with good cause.

Syria is directly related to this situation, but you hear more about the U.S. when people talk about this subject in blogs, forums, and news than you do them?

9:37 PM  
Blogger Mr Wrath said...

And Jenm, the press is free, but the bigger ones like CNN and MSNBC think more about money. Pro-arab ant-U.S. publications exist here, they just don't have enough funding or support to be as well known.

9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ENGLISH GRAMMAR LESSON FOR YOU MR. WRATH. 'IT'S' IS THE SHORT FORM FOR 'IT IS OR IT HAS' SO YOUR AMERICAN SENTENCE ABOVE ...Lebanon from really finding it's full potential in the world, ACTUALLY MEANS: ...Lebanon from really finding it is/has full potential in the world.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Wrath you are completely wron about Iraq. How can a country be expected to reestablish itself so quickly aftr it has been completely destroyed. It will take years before a stable government will be established and acquired enough money to rebuild and bring the country up. I don't see the U.S. helping in that department. No. They spend millions on building a massive embassy so that they can watch over Iraq and its oil for the end of time. They don't spend that mney on getting the power running or the plumbing working. Instead they stuff all of the amenities possible into their little "safe compound." You can't destroy a country and then say here you go, go fix it yourself. At least Saddam had an infrastructure. There is no such thing left in Iraq now.

During these past few days I have been hearing the Israeli officials say that the Lebanese governmnet has tehir chance now to disarm Hezbollah, but is not doing anyhting to work towards it. Well, how canthey be expected to do such a thin in a time like this. When there is no food, no oil, and no way to get to the South of Lebanon. People, be realistic. Whether Israel wins this war or loses, Hizbollah will remain because they are Lebanese. The only way to disarm them is to assure them taht Lebanon does not have to fear Israel. THen the people's minds will cange and the Lebanese peopel will realize that there is no need for the militant fraction of Hizbollah. That however will take years, not months. Lebanon was on its way, but now it seems we have been pushed back many years. They want progress, but when we make progress, they say it is not enough.

They plan to have a buffer zone between Israel and LEbanon. Just the other day, they brought in bulldozers in order to bulldoze the land and form a 'no man's land' where teh Lebanese can not live. In my opinion, that sound a lot like ccupation. What if someone told Americans that part of California was off limit to settle. Would they agree. They want to help, but thye rae only hurting. THis is not the right way. It can only be improved by talks among the LEbanese, and tehy must imlement all solutions by themselves. Just think, if Israel hadn't attacked so quickly, even the Lebanese would ahve urged Hizbollah to give the two soldiers back. But instead, Israel had to show its mite. How childish.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Mr Wrath said...

Are you serious? I am not typing a school report or something for work. I am not going back through my words looking for fucked up contractions or spelling mistakes, and we shouldn't have to when we are talking in a blog.

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr wrath is probably another republican who lives in oklahoma or texas and is proud of Bush who cannot even put two words together. US ia a great country because most of its people are from other countries and that is why it is good and not because Mr Wrath is a republican that probably never saw a war in his life but wants to look smart by talking about things he does not know much about.

9:49 PM  
Blogger Mr Wrath said...

Anon, good thoughts, and you are right about a lot, but as bad as this is, doesn't this hasten those things?

Isreal really went overboard on the infrastructure, but Hezbollah wasn't going away or shrinking, they were getting stronger, so it seems like at a later date it would be even worse?

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2. Religion: Divine retribution: God’s punishment for sin

9:55 PM  
Blogger Mr Wrath said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:08 PM  
Blogger Mr Wrath said...

I guess I'll try to talk while I get torn apart..

"US ia a great country because most of its people are from other countries and that is why it is good"

I agree with this 100%. This is the exact reason I have given on many other sites as well. Pretty much every country in the world is represented here.

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man fuck it, the mayor of Al Jamaliyeh had his house hit and it killed his family including his brother and son...why the fuck is he suprised sitting at home there watching Barney on TV with his son in a warzone? WTF is wrong with him that he sat there while the entire world knows they will hit everything?

I am starting to not feel as bad for these people if they don't have the sense to leave...

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr wrath
you obviously understand nothing about the situation anywhere in the middle east and certainly not the situation in lebanon. your problem is that you believe, without even thinking, everything bush says in his speeches and every misconception about the middle east repeated by the mainstream media. unfortunately, so many american citizens are the same and fail to question their government's actions because they are ignorant. educate yourself before you give such simplistic analyses of what is going on in lebanon, iraq, iran, syria and certainly palestine!

10:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At first the US and Israel hoped the Siniora government could be made stronger. This does not look likely now. What Israel will do is keep hitting HA and making sure Syria doesn't support it and in parallel Israel will hold its nose and arm the fascist Christians and other anti HA Lebanese. Israel will also give them air support in their war. This may take a few months but expect a nice civil war ending with Shia defeat and a few massacres a la Sabra and Shatila. Then the Lebanese will be able to rebuild.

To all moderate Lebanese: either stay and fight HA or get the hell out of Lebanon. It is not going to be a fun place for a while.

10:43 PM  
Anonymous dror from israel said...

some comments (sorry for spelling and such, its for speed)

the US has many falts, but freedom of the press and democracy is far pooerer in oter places - try iran, syria, china and egept for this matter. people in the west forget that in oter places you can be arrested or get shot for ths things you say outload. people in thwe west foght hard and long to change this thing, so it's not to be somthing we should take for grunted. of course ther could be more freedom and more democracy - thank DRAPA for the NET.

it seacn me to see the behavior of IDF and olmert on the one hand, and of many in the arab world/ west on the other.
every thing that is bad in the world is israel/US falt. nothing happen beacouse HZ/ iran/ syrya/ hamas had any part in it - only israel / Us / West. this is lack of criticizem/ this is also "left wingers" which are actualy are right wingers (as long is it for "poor" arabs like HZ/ HAMAS or IRAN). israel and US did many things wrong. but nothing good will come out of automaticaly assume all bad things come from them. (for example the EU refuse the consider HA a terror group, well if they are not, nither do el kadda).

i would like to hear. in israel many people object to the war, write about it in places like haaretz or Ynet (2 big news sites), or go to demonstrte (well this is small minority but its getting bigger by the day) - how is it in lebanon? can somone say somthing against HZ or syria ? do people do it ousdie the blogsfira?

one more thing. the israel govroment and people are tring to avvcutea / shalter people form the north of the cuntry.
100-500 thoused people. those the lebanes govroment call opon its people in the south to leave the battle areas ?

10:49 PM  
Anonymous Hassan Nassralah said...

I like Mr Warth, he is my voice

11:30 PM  
Anonymous psychic said...

I used to be a fool who supported Israel's "right to exist" and criticized the Palestinians for the intifida. I felt pity for your Holocaust and even dated an Israeli man. But I am awake now and see you for the dirty pigs you really are. And I am not alone. People all over are seeing the truth about the devilish nature of Zionism.

The Lebanese have occupied Lebanon since recorded history since when we were called Phoenicians. Lebanon's right to exist is whole lot more important to the whole of humanity than Israel's so called right to exist. Enjoy your feast on Lebanese blood while you can. Israel's got an expiration date. What happens when China & India outstrip the US in the power? What happens when revolution comes to the weak regimes in Egypt and Saudi? What happens when Iraq throws out the Americans and Eurabia becomes a reality? Where will you hide, you murdering baby-killing Israelis? Who will protect you? The Christian Zionists who hope Jesus cast you down into a fiery pit of hell so they can be raptured? Or maybe the Creator you insult when you blithely murder his creation?

Tiny Hezbollah is able to strike Haifa, maybe even Tel Aviv. What happens when radicals takeover nuclear Pakistan? If the Israeli goal is to incite homicidal rage throughout the world, then Bravo on your success.

4:07 AM  
Blogger sadadeda said...

Dror you obviously have no idea what is going on.
First of all how can Lebanon evacuate it scitizens when your government has completely destroyed teh roads to Norhtern Lebanon. Secondly, why should they go to Northern Lebanon when they are also getting bombed up there? You think your country does so much. Iguess it is easy to evacuate citizens when you have an excess of billioons of U.S. provided dollars in the bank and unaffected roads.
For your information, Al Qaeda is much different tahn Hizbollah. Hizbollah's main goal is to protect their homeland, not to venture out into the world and blow themselves up. They have never performed an attack on foreign soil. The one earlier this month was on disputed land.
Many people do protest against Hezbollah in Lebanon. In fact, before your country started this childish tirade, there were many demonstration and talks against Hezbollah and its reason for carrying arms.
You aren't harmed in Lebanon for speaking out against Hezbollah or any one else for tat matter. It is as much a leberal country as Israel.
It is people like you who don't know anything about your neighbors that start things like these. Because if we know our neighbors, we won't go so quickly into things like these.
When a country technically in the Middle East refuses to identify itself as such, then problems will errupt. If you choose to be distant and push violence over discussion, then how can we know and understand each other. Hizbollah never posed an extreme threat to Israe. A little discussion would have helped.

6:09 AM  
Anonymous dror from israel said...

to psychic...
well israel don't have the right to exist? then hwy on earth do you keep accepting anything from it? if i said you don't have the right to exist, then attack you , then cry out load when you attck back. real sense.and israel supose to have nukes. i don't know what will happen when somone attck israel so bady as you would whish it will happen. 6 million people can give somone a bit of a trauma (you tried it with 500-1000 people and see how you speak).

to sadadeda:

a you can see how it is that pepople in israel have to face poeple like psychic. i don't know any israely that say - hey , lets kill all the arabs in nearby countries. the max that the right wing lunyes here are calling for a transfer. in the arab and muslim world on the other hand, there are some groups that call for the complite elimantaion of israel and of its people - regardless of the palestinain conflict. it's much better talking to you , but little use to denay that people like psychic, naseralla and hahmednigad are there , dreaming every day and night about "killing all the bad guys".

i don't know alot of things, but at list i know what i don't know. knowing that you don't know a lot of things is importent to escape the elusion we have as humens that we know evrything. for example i wrote :
"those the lebanes govroment call opon its people" not if they actualy DID somthing, but what did they reccomanded the people? this i think not connected to the bridages that lebanon has or to the "excess of billioons of U.S. provided dollars" (which mainly goes to buying wepons from US coportaions not for building roads or sitting in the bank)

accusing israel and US is fine. just eccuse them on the right things. accusing somone on the wrong thing, and he say - hay - i did't do it, and walk away like a saint.

"Hizbollah's main goal is to protect their homeland". really? then buling a rockts and firing it upon israel is a strage defence macnisiem. also is kidnnaping poeple form the other side of the border witoute provokation. i see jorden (which is also hase a weak army) defending its homeland just fine, with just one army not 2. and they don't have thousends of rockets fierd at israel or kidnaping people, and so on. why is it? could be that hizballa main goal is to export the iranin ideiology to lebanon? to keep the fire up ?

hizballah is accoused at doing terror attcks in
Argentine killing more then 125 pepole.
any way many say trying to bomb up civlion on perpose is a terror act, we can argue if IDF does it and israel is doing war crime. but HZ main line of "defence" is by trying to kill civilions, does anyone in lebnon or arab world speak about this?

one more thing. its very true israel army had planed the invation to lebaon, this is not a great mistory. isral army propbebly has paln on attcking syria, war with egept and bombing iraq an iran. that's what armies planing depratments are for. you don't go to war without any plans. you prepare the plans long before you want to make war. you prepere the even if you don't want to go to war. like fire departments have plans how to evacoute high buildings, even if the fire depratment don't want to have fire in buildings, and doctors have plans for doing hart sergury to small kids. so
do armyes have palns on how to make offense or defencse aginst "an enemy". every nation that has an army has such palns. what is not logical or reasnoble is the calim that israel wanted to get into lebaonon. what for?

one more thing. olmert won the elections a few months ago. his main aggenda was the withdrol of israel from the west benk. the right wing claim that israel must not do it as it give terror groups like hamas or HZ the ellusion that israel has no power, so more terror and attacks will come. hamase doing and HZ doings had led many people in israel to belive this is right. so the chance of ending occupation in the west benk didn't relly improved. what id did imporved is that somone "sain" like the right wing liberman would get more power.


9:46 AM  
Blogger Bash said...

A msg to all you hezbollah/Iran bashers. The Lebanese were ON THEIR WAY to disarming hezbollah. We dealt a sevre blow to hezbollah by cutting off their supply lines by kicking the Syrian Army out, and we were having a "national dialog" (for the first time in Lebanon's history i think) to plan it's fate of carrying weapons... this is a sensitive subjuct and requires time to find ways to avoid a civil war... and now you've MESSED IT ALL UP. we're back to square one again, and not only that, everyone is back to supporting hezbullah again! BRAVO ISRAEL! BRAVO THE INTELLIGENT AND WISE IDF! BRAVO BRAVO!

10:14 AM  
Blogger desmond said...

The reason we are being violently & viciously subjugated by Israel is because we (both the Lebanese people & the government)failed to demand that Hezbollah disarm. The loss of innocent life is heartbreaking and the misery unbearable but it could have been avoided.

How dare Hezbollah be allowed to supercede the government and declare a de facto war on another country? They have continuously thumbed their collective nose at legitimacy and at the will of the majority of their countrymen.

Of course I will get the argument that HA is the legitimate resistance and blah, blah, blah but I don't want to hear it. I want peace with all our neighbours. I want it now. I want Lebanon to flourish and not to be used as the arena for dick-waving contests.

I fully understand the subtleties and sectarian stresses involved but the mark of true leadership is the willingness to make difficult decisions.
I was there in Martyr's Square, waving the flag and believing we were on the right path....a year later I was there again, still waving the flag but disillusioned that the people who had come to power on a huge wave of popular sentiment had done nothing. All the goodwill given to them by the people had counted for absolutely nothing.
This is the price we pay for voting idiots into government who have nothing but their egos to offer the country. I for one am sick of our tendency to blame all of our woes on someone or something else. The U.S., France & the UK don't give a monkey's about the Lebanese or Lebanon and we should refrain from pinning our hopes on them. We have to be the prime movers for our country.

The sooner we stop living under this feudal system, the sooner we can move out of the 14th century.
We have no-one to blame but ourselves.

11:14 AM  
Anonymous dror from israel said...

bash, i don't know if i take the same tone like desmond

but i think he has a point there. israel too has intrnal conflicts and its not one "block". many israely claim exactcley what you have said, but still thay have to convinse others that think other thoughts like :

a- lebaon don't want to disarm HZ
b- maybe part of lebaon wnat to disarm HZ, but they can't beacouse they are too weak, and Hz and Iran and syria wan't let them
c- how give a fuck. thay let the HZ hit us , dispite we left lebanon, and now we strike back, kill all HZ and let "the arabs" know that you don't mess with israel.

now this thing would be much easir thing to do if more lebaones and arabs and jews would speak with each other (VIA the blogs like this for example, and in israelis blogs too) as much as calmly as they can, trying to see how thay can leave toghter and have peace insted of war.

agian i post here a link to
see what happens when israel prime minster desided there will be only one army to the state of israel. (many in the right wing condemed him till this day for it)

don't trust on the world too much to do your work for you. half of my famly (all the sisters and brothers of the parents of my mather where killed in the hollocost along with 6 millions of jews, and more poles, jipsiys russions and homoes) some of the world knew but little they did to stop it. the wolrd is chaning becouse of the NET and globalisation, but no nation will send its armies just to protect your freedom. thats something you have to do for yourself. the least that EU and US can do is back you up in the way.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous tool said...

fack me, those darned israeli's need to learn some english!!! and why are there so many israeli's pretending to be lebanese? that is soooo facked!!!

12:30 PM  
Anonymous fack tool said...

tool - fack fackidy fack fack you.... get it? fack... fack-fack.
oh and fack you.


2:32 PM  
Blogger the perpetual refugee said...

RS - what you wrote is absolutely true. Both in the post and your comment above.

Keep safe.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous tool said...

fack me!


4:00 PM  
Anonymous TELAVIV is being threatened by Beirut said...,7340,L-3285833,00.html

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel threatens all of LEbanon, and kills 900 plus civilians, women and children - isn't about time people in tel aviv feel they are not invincible and can be threatened when their government and army attacks a whole nation.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You seem to leave out the fact that if Hezbollah do hit Tel Aviv, the Isreals have promised untold destruction, and I think their previous efforts in many cases were to prove they would counter ten tiumes whatever Hezbollah does.

To cheer on attacks by rockets that can't even be aimed, knowing full well the counter will be complete destruction, is very Hezbollah way of thinking.

Hezbollah can say they won and are winning in theory all they like to and they of course will, but here in realityville the entire country of Lebanon is in ruin and Hezbollah put a few holes in some walls of houses in Isreal.

I suppose some people have different definitions of "winning", but Hezbollah still publically making threats at Isreal, and still claiming they are winning only makes matters so much worse for Lebanon.

5:28 PM  

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