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Hitting Hizbullah or Hitting All of Lebanon

This morning I travelled to Jounieh and the road north to Batroun and Byblos. These are images of Israel's attacks on the bridges on the northern highway, the last safe passage to Damascus. My flatmate Kaelen Wilson-Goldie is in Damascus now. She has just arrived after a mammoth trip from New York City being coverd by the Times of London and was planning to come tomorrow morning. Hopefully she still can but the roads have been devastated as the images show (and we need to pay our rent)
But to the point - this was harrowing reporting, Joseph Bassil's daughters screaming their grief.
Standing there this morning, hearing the tale of the poor dead man Joseph Bassil, a Christian who was taking his early morning exercise under the bridge as was his custom at 7.15am, a supposedly safe area, when it collapsed on top of him, killing him instantly, with a sound to end all sounds said it all. No Hizbullah, no trucks filled with arms, just attacks on Lebanon's civilian population and the nation's infrasture. Is Lebanon just to be made into another prison like Gaza, is this the aim of these senseless attacks? It is as every single Christian Lebanese resident of the area told me this morning, terrorism perpertrated by the state of Israel in league with America to sow fear and dissent amongst the population. Muslim, Christian, Palestinian, UN, mother, child, it seems Olmert-Peretz-Halutz and the military industry complex alongside the US does not seem to care. Is Israel fighting Hizbullah or fighting Lebanon? From here the answer is quite clear. And I just heard 20 plus Lebanese were killed in an air raid in a village in the Beqaa on the Lebanese-Syrian border. Congratulations pilots in your planes, it's so easy to push a button and drop a bomb and kill innocent farmers. Tell me this is not clearly a war against the Lebanese people?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so sad for Lebanon.

"A sovereign cannot raise an army because he is enraged, nor can a general fight because he is resentful. For while an angered man may again be happy, and a resentful man again be pleased, a state that has perished cannot be restored, nor can the dead be brought back to life." - Sun Tzu

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


If this was a war against the Lebanese people, then Israeli would be fire bombing urban areas as was done with Dresden and London over 50 years ago.

If this was a war against the Lebanese people, leaflets warning people to leave the area would not be dropped 24 hours prior to mass area strikes.

If this was a war against the Lebanese people, then the Israelis would block aid coming from the sea as well as the roads.

Israelis are Clauswitzian fighters. They fight not to punish populations but destroy their opponent's ability to wage war.

Israel wants to eliminate Hizbollah's ability to launch missiles into Israel. They started by reducing the capacity of the south to launch medium-short range missiles.

Now they are seeking to eliminate Hizbollah's ability to launch medium-long range missiles. To accomplish this goal, they will need to eliminate launch capability up to El Hermel.

Destroying Manaa eliminated Syrian/Iranian support for Hizbollah from the East. But support is now coming from the longer route from the North, so now they are precision bombing Rt 2 and other North-South routes along the West coast.

To keep safe as an individual, one must think like an Israeli---what would they do next to accomplish the objective of eliminating missile fire into Israel? To deplete Hizbollah's ability to fight?

Most likely civilians will eventually lose power, petrol and communications. When this occurs, civilian should stay in place (unless they are next to a Hizbollah installation).

I wish you safety. Understand that once statecraft is in motion not all the tears of mothers can stop a single explosion. Do not rave against circumstances, but strive to understand where the next dangers may lie and take appropriate precautions.

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Blogger mikealpha said...

Everyone is sorry you are in a war you don't want. In wars transportation and
communications used by the enemy get destroyed. Hezb'allah has no military strategy. They are fighting a public relations war. They "fight" by showing how much the Lebanese are suffering. Right now they are trying to hit Tel Aviv. Not because they hope to damage anything of military value but because they are hoping to goad Israel into leveling the majority of Beirut that is undamaged. That would make great photographs for their "news" tours. I do feel sorry for you. Your "resistance" wants to destroy your country so it can show how evil the enemy is on the nightly news. There is no one trying to defend you. You guys need a real government/country. I hope when this is over you build one.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need Israel to be stopped from destroying the whole of the Middle East, killing hundreds of Palestinians, and massacring the Lebanese. You keep blaming the Arabs for these problems, why don't you take a look at Israel and blame it. Israel is the cancer in the Middle East, not HEzbollah as ISraeli commanders love to say. ISrael is the negative pole and brings negativity to everything around it as is quite clear. All the Palestinians and Hezbollah are trying to do is reverse the negativity and create positivity. Let Israel build a real government with the Palestinians before you start speaking of other nations building real governments. Israel is the major threat to stability and democracy in the Middle East as has been proven throughout its history of warmongering and murder against Arabs. HEzbollah is nothing in comparison.

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Blogger said...

the fella above wrote:
"If this was a war against the Lebanese people, leaflets warning people to leave the area would not be dropped 24 hours prior to mass area strikes."

according to most reports, after they dropped the leaflets telling people to leave, they then bombed the roads with the leaving people on them. seems a bit of a cruel jest to me, much like the ones that the nazis played on the jews to get them to get on the trains that would take them to the death camps.

he also wrote:
"If this was a war against the Lebanese people, then the Israelis would block aid coming from the sea as well as the roads."

and apparently they were trying that too. but if all roads and bridges are destroyed, how will the aid get to the places that need it?
to portray the israelis as benevolent aggressors is a gross misrepresentation of the truth.
i do not support hezbollah, but nor do i support israel's answer to the terrorist problem. how they could not have learned that violence begets violence begets violence by now is beyond me.
our weapons become more advanced, but our humanity, or lack thereof, remains stagnant. there is something terribly wrong with that.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Please state your sources showing that the roads were bombed in under 24 hours after the leaflets were dropped or that Israelis are blocking aid coming via sea.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is like a rerun of the poor people in NOLA.....they were told to evacuate, they were warned. What part of poor, no transportation, not physically able do you people not understand?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is like a rerun of the poor in NOLA......what part of poor, no transportation, physically challenged, no place to go do you please not understand?

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Blogger The Liberal Avenger said...

There's no such thing as good war - or good infrastructure destruction.

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, what idiocy from people defending the Israeli aggression against Lebanese civilians. In bombing the hell out of the country's infrastructure, guess what you're creating? More Hezbollah sympathizers, if not outright members. Say the IDF kills 100 Hezbollah fighters, and in doing so kills 500 innocent civilians. In the coming weeks, the relatives and friends of the dead civilians are going to be more than willing to take up arms against Israel. It's so obvious to the entire world, except for the US, Israel, and a decreasing number of Brits.

Shorter: Hezbollah wanted Israel to invade and bomb the civilian populace of Lebanon, in order to bolster their standing. Israel has played directly into their hands. And they certainly haven't stopped the Katyushas from raining down. Christ, now you've got pro-Hezbollah sympathy marches in Baghdad.

Peace for the Lebanese civilians caught between the brutality and utter stupidity of both Hezbollah and the IDF.

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Anonymous one said...

i care

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Anonymous lucid kala said...

u know what rs, i totally identify and emphathise but i dont see a need in stating the religion of the people mentioned, it makes me think of other problems that exist in lebanon and in the world relating religion and i dont see how it contributes to lebanons case, it puts me completely off to read things that i appreciate and to bump into this, i just dont know what to make of it , i dont get in!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh here we go again....The Israelis did this, the Palestinians did that. His uncle bulldozed his olive grove, her aunt was a suicide bomber. The Jews did this, the Hizbollah did that.

So, I should walk up to a Polish cleaning down the street and scream at her, "Your great grand father ran my great grandfather down on the steppes of Lodz?"

While Israel has a right to defend itself, nothing good will happen in the Middle East until responsible people run the governments there and the Palestinians and the Israelis agree to stop killing each other.

This tit for tat, back and forth arguing will get no one anywhere except all hot and bothered and foaming at the mouth.

The only way to stop it is for our government to get off of it's fat "Yee-haw, the end times are here" ass and go back to playing the traditional roll of honest broker. It's hard work, so I don't expect W and his pals to do it, but that is what needs to be done.

Let's stop tallying the dead and piling up the grievences and grow up and realize we have to share space with each other.

2:20 AM  
Anonymous blogwatch said...

anon above:
Amen to that!!!
I was talking to another guy on this blog, just a different post, and I told him how we should start a new peace movement. Not one that even looks or considers the past of any people. Be it Hezbollah, Hamas, Israel, etc.. I named this movement "Peace: The Uneducated Way"
People these days are too busy pointing fingers and too busy trying to be the right ones. Let's just be the alive ones! Who cares who started what. From now on, let's just have peace. We don't have to be friends, we don't have to lend each other a cup of sugar, but we also don't have to be killing each other. We thought John Lennon's Imagine would be a good world anthem.

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