Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tala's story

It was going to be the wedding of the season. I'll let Tala explain.

Here Goes

Hey everyone…

I have been postponing writing this email for days now, I think it's
time I broke the silence….

Everyday I tell myself: tonight, all be clear. It has been almost a
week and we still have no idea what the hell is going on, and worst
of all, when it's going to end.

Of course, day in day out you hear a million and one theories,
people have gone from football experts to political analysts in a
matter of hours ….
-including myself!

"it can't last more than a week"……"it'll be months before the fat
lady sings"…. "this is the beginning of WW3"…."Hizbollah is in fact
financed by a Chinese mafia", etc.

I am caricaturising the situation, but it's just to say that, we
have never been more lost in our entire existence.

I am going to skip the violins for now.
We, whether those of us living here in the middle of the twilight
zone or you guys outside, living 3 inches away from your television
screen, are all in the same boat: angry, devastated and worried
like never before.

Needless to mention of course, the cherry on top:
I have, for weeks and weeks now, promised you, and myself, an
unforgettable 10 days here in Lebanon.
I played it all -what seems to be only a dream now- over and over in
my head for the longest time: What it would be like to have you all
here, how much you would adore this country, how much you would all
get along, how drunk you would all be, who would hook up with whom…

Anyway, I said no violins so moving on: you have all bought your
tickets (mostly non-refundable), made your summer plans, bought the
dresses/suits/bathing suits, took time off from work… list keeps

Lemme tell you though:
I am certainly not cancelling any plans yet. Call it naïve, blind,
whatever it is that comes to mind (ouh rhymes, not on purpose!
Heheh) but I have dreamt about this day for 27 years and most of all
the last 7 I have been with faisal (keef ya baby? ) so I still
have a tiny glimpse of hope.

2 options:

Maybe, just maybe, it all ends by the end of this week., and then
maybe they could really rebuild the destroyed runways at the airport
in 48 hours like they said they would, and maybe you guys (obviously
only if guaranteed a 100% safe) can still make it…. Obviously the
week I had planned so meticulously for a month is completely void
considering many of the sites are impossible to reach without our
highways, (unless you guys agree to rent helicopters then all is
feasible  ), and of course Lebanon will not be as shining as I had
promised….but I can always come up with other plans.

Anyway, I know there are a lot of "maybe"s in that equation, and
this is really not the time to be thinking about parties but I am
sure you all need to figure out your summer plans and that you all
understand how much this means to me, so please understand that I
need to have this hope at least until the end of this week, because
by then, all is still feasible. And if the war ends, it is even more
a reason to celebrate even though it only means the beginning of all
other catastrophes on the national level.

Anyway need to cut it short (especially that from where I am
standing right now, there is a bigger chance that we escape to cairo
in the near future and the rest is obvious)….
I am sure you all understand so spare me the agony of trying to find
the right words without sounding too naïve or bubbly.

That was plan A, assuming Nasrallah and Olmert give in to their real
gay sexual identities, fall in love and decide to not only call
truce but also help organize the next biggest gay pride parade here
in Lebanon.

Plan B: shit hits the fan (excuse my French), obviously no wedding.

I have another trick up my sleeve that came to my mind today:

A mini-wedding, on the beach in Marsa Alam, Egypt.
(For those of you who don't know, Faisal runs a diving operation
there: gorgeous ecolodge and a beautiful safari boat).

Around Sep or Oct, probably Oct: gorgeous weather, 5 days of sun,
diving and nothing but chilling.
It will definitely cost a quarter of what you would have spent here
considering there are no restaurants, bars, clubs etc. and we still
get to celebrate and be together.

Anyway… just a thought, I would love to hear from you see where you
stand on all of this…
Once again, I am so sorry I have built all of us a dream week …that
seems almost (emphasize almost) impossible to achieve right now….all
and most of all, I am heartbroken that I can't show you our true
pride and joy: Lebanon.

Lots of love…


Blogger shila said...

I am so sorry that u suffe like this

I dont knew what to say exept
That I , like u , realy suffer and dont want this hell

My hart is with u
And i raely hope that this nightmare will end soon. very soon
for all of us

peace peace peace peace

gia from israel

11:33 PM  
Blogger dan said...

I wish you a great peacefull celebration, thinking about you and your friends in lebanon, and hoping that this shit will end soon.

dreaming of being on ypur wonderful tour.

Dan from Tel Aviv

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can't say as I blame Israel. After all there was a U.N. resoloution 2 years ago that forbade the amassing of bombs and weaponry by hezbolla, in southern Lebanon.

.If your governmentwas truly cocerned for the citizens of your country, would not he have protected them by keeping with this international U.N. mandate.

If this arrogant killing and kidnapping spree would have happened in any other country, no one would have questioned the bloody response. Why do you not blame the real villians, Syria and Iran and while you are at it , Russia and China (it's weapons dealers). Your country was conceeded to you by Israel. I think they have good reason to say"enough is enough). Don't you. What about the bloody corpses of the two children killed by Hezbolla in Israel?

1:15 AM  

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