Sunday, July 30, 2006

No words for this really

I have just been to a protest in downtown Beirut against the Qana massacre this morning. Now there are almost 60 dead. The last body to be pulled out of the building which is close to complete collapse was an 8 year old boy. I have to file some reports now. I will write more on this later and delete this post. But in the immediate moment I can tell you that the Lebanese are united with Hizbollah more now than at any one point so far in this conflict. Today is a turning point. The anger on the streets is unstoppable. What really can Israel be thinking? What can they be thinking? I will not post the images of the children. Not now. More later.


Blogger Topo said...

Hi, Let me assure you that I and most of Indonesian are sharing the Lebanese pain. My prayer with you all Lebanese and Palestinians. I am glad that finally there is an Arab power that dare to defy Zionist. Zionist are not unbeatable, and I beleive Hizbullah will prevail. Hizbullah's victory will trigger awakening in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries and the rest of Arab countries to dump their despotic corrupt leaders and establish a true democracy - not the false democracy that zionist and`america want to exhibit- in Middle East. I hope that all Sunny, Shiites, Maronites and peace loving countries get together to beat their common enemy of humanity, that is Zionist and America. Now I begin to understand the rationale of Ahmadinejad when he said Israel must be wiped off of the world map. As long as Israel exist, there will never be peace on earth. They are man eating beast.

3:42 PM  
Anonymous god who cares about peace said...

topo I hope you get killed this afternoon or very soon. maybe by a car crash that would be fine too. I also wish your family and friends go with you so you have someone to talk to when you reach the gates of hell.

3:54 PM  
Blogger lisimak said...

You shouldn’t say that “the Lebanese are united with Hezbollah now”.

It is not true. Plus, by saying that, you help the actors of terror justify their irresponsible and terrible acts.

Let’s not forget what the Hezbollah is in the first place. Let’s not forget that they began the hostilities with the only objective to rally the Lebanese in their own war, unwanted by the Lebanese, against Israel. Ask yourself if the ones who suffer know in Lebanon would have accepted that hezbollah unchain hell on their homes.

Even though massacres such as the one of Cana are horrible and unacceptable, they shouldn’t make you forget who began this war…Nothing good comes from hate and violence. You should know that more than anybody else.

Even though massacres such as the one of Qana are horrible and unacceptable, they shouldn’t make you forget what Lebanon was before this war: an isolated country of tolerance and freedom.

It’s easy to fall into rage and revenge. It’s harder to fight for true freedom.

4:01 PM  
Blogger shafat said...

Aslam Lebanese Brothers & Sisters I would like to assure you that I and all the kashmiri are with you in this state of grief.Inshalah we all pray for Hizbolah's victory.The amount of destruction and killing of innocent children you have faced inshalah God would show these zionists what God can do to them.I wish entire muslim world should get united now forget who is sunni or shia its the time to show them what muslims can do.We muslims should now realize how important it has become for us to be united and raise a voice against them.Saudia Arabia hould leave its silence and come up agains them.Pakistan should raise his voice why we are scared of them we could be more powerful then them.We should improve our defense capabilities and be more adavance in the new warfare.Iran should complete its nuclear programe immediately.Realy if we get united no force on earth can think of us.
May God be with you
May God be with you in this hour.

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

violence begets violence goes the old saying...
peace begets peace should the new one say...

hizbullah: put down your weapons...israel: stop the attacks...stop the civilian killings

to all the muslims from around the world, as a lebanese muslim i ask for your calm...i ask that we should not unite to destoy, but we should unite to progress...
our strength in the past was always our acceptance of the others, this is what we should stand for...

4:15 PM  
Blogger lisimak said...

Thanks to "un utilisateur anonyme" for his comment. Thank you for reminding the world that all Muslims are not seeking for violence.

Shafat whishes for a worldwide rise of Muslims in order to fight the Zionists....

It feels like we are 1000 years in the past.

Shafat, even if we let ourselves imagine that what you ask for comes true (which will never happen…just take a look at what is going on in Iraq...Muslims killing savagely other Muslims), what will really happen?

You think that the world populations will become Muslim? What will you do with Catholics, protestants, Buddhists, etc... kill them?

I do not believe in God but if He exists…and that all that happens is the result of His will…how do you explain that so many religions actually exist? How do you explain the existence of Israel?

Who are you to say what God wants and doesn’t want?


4:28 PM  
Anonymous Pizza and Frapuccino said...

lisimak - you are right re the editor of this blog Ramsay Short! he puts his own personal views to be 'the majority of Lbanease views' which is utter rubbish! I woke up this morning and listen to BBC radio4 morning program of which Ramsay was the guest speaker... the reporter also interviewed a number of ordinary beirut citizans and they are clearly not all behind Hizbullah!! there are also people that see Israel as friends and not enemy!!!

the greatest enemy of Lebanon is within Lebanon and they need to eradicate the extremists idiots warmakers.

Lebanon should have not allowed Hizbullah to arm itself for so many years!!!!!!! this is careless!

I am sad that the cultureal editor the excellency Ramsay short is so short of seeing that he in fact promotes his own anti and hate propaganda rather than a pro and positive peaceful propaganada.

Long leave Peace and hope and dreams. I hope this bloody war finishes soon and now.

the world is loosing to bloody crazy people.

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ramsay short, i am surprised by your comments and thoughts.
you out of all people should know that lebanon is a country of different thoughts, backgrounds and cultures.
you should know that the riot of today was organized and doesnt represent all the lebanese people, far from it.
open your eyes..your frustration is comprehensible, but it blurs your vision.
i am a proud Lebanese and i am not united with hizbullah. i cant stand them and cant stand israel. all they did is bring us closer to our doom.
dont nurture that

4:48 PM  
Anonymous fighting 4 peace said...

Hi all,

Hi mrtez, HB & RS

Thank u for this blog and for giving us the opportunity to discuss freely (and i hope peacfully) this unbearble situation. It s all we have left.

Today's images make me wonder if this 2nd cana massacre is a military mistake that was unwanted ? Actually, I doubt it

It is more likely that this action was delibarate in order to prevent any diplomatic solution that would have lead to a cease of fire in the coming days.

Apparently Israel have reached its goal. Given the reaction in the arab world, It will very probably be able to pursue its attack against lebanon.

Don't be surprised. War is what Israel is meant to do, this reality is a part of its own identity.

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Slobodan said...

Israel kills innocent Lebanese without mercy everyday and yet they blame hezbollah .This is the typical zionist usual distortion of logic that only sick people believe. I am with Topo in saying that the only remedy of this long middle east dispute is to wipe Israel off the map. And I pray for Hizbollah freedom fighters,for Lebanese and for middle east uprising against corrupt American puppet regime in Arab countries. May zionist turn to dust.

5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a dickhead who called himself "god who care about peace" speaks exactly like a blood thirsty jewish.Maybe he is one of the Israelis who cold bloodedly dropped the bomb. May you and your mother burn in hell....

5:32 PM  
Blogger RS said...

In answer to these comments attacking me personally I wish you read my words clearly and not ignore the events here. From the protest this morning, filled with Christians, supporters of Aoun, moderate SHia's and refugees driven from their homes. From the words of Prime Minister Siniora, the Lebanese are united against ISrael and are suporting more and more the resistance. So please before you waste your words attacking me and tell me I am spreading hate, read clearly what is happening and what the people are saying. The facts are this: Israeli is killing civilians, doing itself no favours. Anyone who lives in Lebanon knows, that despite Hizbollah's actions in beginning this battle, the more Israel kills Lebanese civilians, the more people will unite and support behind them.
Today's protest was not organised by Hizbollah, I was there from the beginning. Then once it became clear that it was becoming a major protest, more and more Hizbollah supporters came. But what it was really was against the murder of civilians by Israel and if you are all true LEbanese as you say you are then you will condemn ISraeli agression and murder of children, even if you condemn Hizbullah.

5:34 PM  
Blogger ter said...

all this death and destruction in the name of a god who cannot exist to allow it in his name. religon should be practiced, if at all, in the privacy of the home. Never to be mentioned in public because og the hatreds it inspires

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RS, the massive condemnation of Israel comes first.
we should all unite to do so, as the Leb. PM said today.
this is a war crime, but i will still not abide by any hizbullah rules.
they put us where we are, and israel is having a field day hunting our people down.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous i care said...

Dear Ramsey,
Your words are exactly what my family within Lebanon expresses as well. Of course you will have people not agreeing with Hez however at this time sects ARE uniting against this autrocity. Isreal has killed members of the Lebanese Army, hit a church, hit Christian neighborhoods also. This is a time all Lebanese must pull together not separate. Get through this then you will be able to confront the Hez situation. The key to peace is pull together. This means the "Philangist" ideology must not separate Lebanon at this time either. I know this exist as I have friends from all sects. The old "philangist" group cannot even feel for my family who lost their home. Who are shia and nothing to do with Hez. I say to the Lebanese, even if you do not have same ideology, pull together now, you will be able to deal with the big issues if you remain focused on love and respect for the other. Love always prevails ~ the hate post above are NOT good for your country. Respect each other.

6:05 PM  
Blogger RS said...

i hasten to add that when i say the Lebanese people are uniting behind around Hizbollah, I can see where confusion surrounding my words come from. What I mean to say is that in the aftermath of the Qana attack, more and more Lebanese are uniting against Israel and Hizbollah takes much support from them as the focal point of a resistance and fighting against Hizbollah. I am not saying that everyone is agreeing with Hizbollah's policies and aims or beliefs, but you will find that Hizbollah will gain increased support even from people who don't support them when it comes to Israeli's continued attack on Lebanon that seems to be killing more civilians than Hizbollah members, and not getting them any closer to any victory. Furthermore, for those who want to listen to the Radio 4 report this morning, the majority of speakers interviewed on it by Hugh Sykes were of the same opinion - that as long as Israel continues to kill civilians even Christians (not all) and other sects find themselves supporting them. There was one man who just said he was anti-Hisbollah but didnt say why.

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Brit living in Achrafieh Beirut currently decamped to Dubai thanks to Ramsay for showing us his view of events unfolding in Beirut now. Having spent time in Beirut I am able to read between the lines in certain news channels output that blithely refer to 'buffer zones' and 'south beirut' as if the country is massive and such areas are remote. The shock felt as we watch areas razed to the ground on TV is palpable. The guilt, at leaving friends behind, is prevelant too.

That such a vibrant city and country is systematically being destroyed is incredibly sad. That such actions are being legitimised and, in some aspects, facilitated, by 'major players' such as US and UK is shameful and criminal.

Love and luck to Ramsay and all our friends in Lebanon, here's hoping we can meet up for a drink soon.

6:10 PM  
Anonymous i care said...

Let me be clear, when I was in Lebanon visiting the grotto I had a Maronite Christian tell me not to go to Hez area as they would cut my head as an American. What he did not know is I was staying in the Dahiya and treating very respectfully. What one perceives is not always the case. Fear breeds hate. Nasrallah forbid his fighters from hurting the Christian population when Isreal pulled out. The more you fear and do not have respect for the other, the more you push the other side from moderate thinking. FYI for what it is worth. I only hope Lebanon pulls together now.

6:11 PM  
Anonymous bigberta said...

I saw it, I read it and I could not believe it. No more to say about this. But one request, If you would like it: could you write something for a Western audience about the Demonstrations? Because what you see here is as follows: Hezbollah orchestrated violent demonstrations in Beirut and they destroyed the UN-Building...
I will translate it into German and post it on my blog.


6:21 PM  
Blogger nakachi said...

ramsey, how can concerned groups in the u.s. get relief supplies [soap, washcloths, blankets, etc.] directly into beirut?

6:58 PM  
Blogger mrtez said...

from my sources, hizbullah did not organize the riots today, much the contrary they are the ones that stopped it...believe it or not, they sent their people down there to stop the riots...this is why the UN headquarter is still standing.
another point, the UN headquarters is not destroyed. the rightfully angry mob entered the lobby and were stopped short from doing any real damage.
a source of mine within the UN stated that the UN can resume operations within the building tomorrow if necessary...

Nakachi, in terms of sending supplies to beirut from the USA, your best bet would be to contact either the beirut embassy or consulate in Washington or New York. Another way would be to contact the UN. Unfrotunately, there is a blockade on the country now, and only 'authorized' supplies can be sent. If you need further info u can contact us at

7:18 PM  
Anonymous i care said...

Nakachi, In the meantime visit
"floydpink" has some ideas you can contact him. I noticed it yesterday on his site. Also look into MercyCorps. They are connected with an Umbrella group around America and the world. I have been trying to find out a way to actually go help and cannot get info.

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh wow mister Ramsay Short, the editor of the cultural magazine Timeout Beirut... Im impressed with your responses for this lively post so far.... this is certainly a first.

Im sorry to say this but today is really really a bad day in this war and a very sad days for all the killing of poor civilians., I deeply regert this.

however Mister Short, I also listened to the Radio 4 this morning and I agree with the other comments here that there was clearly a not unified support for hizbullah, there were people talking openly against hizbullah and therefore as the Editor of this paper and blog you cannot take the responsability to unite everyone in Lebanon behaind the bloody horrible killing fanatics group Hizbiullah.

I suggest you think of ethics a little before you choose to publish stuff so hastingly and quickly. it doesnt add any more to the situation nor to your resume.

one last thing..... Ramsay ... seems like your ruller Mr Siniora and his gang are not worth the rule and power they have since they allow Hizbullah Iran Israel and Syria to rule your lovely country.... I suggest yuou get a proper ruller that can rule all over your land... and then there will not be provocations and killing of civilians in any country in the ME.

Ramsay I hear you and your pain but I also can see the double standards the hate filling propaganada.... and I dont like it.

oh yes please check out Hudah al husseini article on the Al sharqu el ausat newspaper on the hate for hizbullah.... why have you not quoted this or posted this for balance!?!?!?!

Take Care..

8:02 PM  
Blogger nakachi said...

tarek, i care... thank you. you'll be hearing from me offsite.

peace is revolution,

8:39 PM  
Anonymous Lili from Haifa. said...

A few points to think of when you can't think straight.

The rage and unity that the Lebanies feel now with Hezballa reminds me the rage and unity my people in Israel felt 3 weeks ago on Hezballa first assult. This was what started this war in the meaning that the Israeli people felt so right and so angry to push this crazy bloody war.
Now it's your turn I guess. I'm sorry to say I know how you guys feel.
and thats why when we demonstrate against it we're called traitors by our own people.

Israel has expressed her deep sorrow for civilans being killed.. when does Hezballa going to do so?
Hezballa missiles are INTENDED for civilans. get that? there is no military in Naharia/Haifa mountain/Zfat/Teberias. Nada.

I must say.. when I'm writing those words.. I kind of know, it's worthless right now. you are too angry. we are too angry.
well, let the war go on.


I mourn with you for those childern and civilans being killed.

9:07 PM  
Anonymous bigberta said...

Many thanks for the Information.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous History said...

Lili, thanks for bing honest sharing your feelings and hurt with us. I agree we are still waiting for Hizbullah to also apologise.

love and peace to you. Stay safe.

11:18 PM  
Anonymous lisimak said...

Dear all,

Believe it or not but I can feel some kink of unity in all these comments.

We unite around the fact that the death of civilians is unacceptable.

We unite around the fact that Lebanon shouldn’t be destroyed and that it deserved to live its growing freedom.

We unite around the fact that peace is a fragile thing that needs to be handled with care and nuance.

Let’s face it. Israelis and Lebanese will have to leave as neighbors for ever.

Now, are we going to let a minority decide that this everlasting neighborhood will be sunk in hate and violence or are we going to give piece a chance?

For that to happen, don’t forget that peace is forged first in each of our homes.

Don’t make the mistake to choose the easy path of violence.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Zebra said...

lisimak, I agree we must give peace a chance but with that in mond we must also prtoect all lives on this planet. and the minority crazy groups like Hizbullah believe in different things. they must be stopped and stopped forever.

12:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a American, living in America.We watch, read about, and hear about the fighting over there everyday.I feel the Labanese people are afraid of Hizbullah and the radio broadcast there prove it.Hizbuulah fires rockets from where civilians live? To Americans, this is a cowardly act that brings the harm. America is not a devilish place, but will defend its livelyhood.
It does very much bother me about the children killed. The adults chose thier path when they chose to stand with Hizbullah. They chose to place thier children in harms way and that really pisses me off. Yeah we Americans can get pissed too.
For peace, get rid of Hizbullah,get a leader who loves your country.Stop letting neighbors run your country.Most of all, for all, nobody can force someboby to be like them. Live and let live
Just a note

2:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You say that the parents chose to stand with Hizbullah? You must be only getting the biased American news because most of the other news cahnnels in other countries state that there was no apparent missile launching site nearby. Also, with Israels mighty guided missiles, it would be very hard to mistake a whole house for something else. It is not like these missiles hit a wide area and the house just happened to be in the way. The house was the only thing hit and 60 people (mostly families) were killed. Does just the support for Hizbullah and living in the South of Lebanon make someone a target for Israel? If that is the case, then Israel would have to kill more than half of the Lebanese population. When will they stop? How do they expect to rid the nation of Hizbollah by killing people? Will they just kill the militants, or all of the supporters? How will they decide victory? This is a never ending war that will accomplish nothing but to weaken the Lebanese government and cease further advancement and evolution.
Your ignorant statements piss me off because you think that these people chose this.
We would love to live peacefully, but are not alowed to make our own decisions. Nobody is forcig anybody to be like them. All of this is by choice. What you do not obviously understand is that the members of Hizbullah have mad a choice to stand up for themselves against Israel's oppression. This is a choice that they make and that their followers make. No one is being forced to join or think taht way. However, Israel's actions force people to think in ways taht they would not normally think. Whoat would you do if there was no other way out and if the other party is not open to negotiation?

3:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, suporters of Hizbullah are one and the same as Hizbullah.
Second, Israel is a tiny place among a huge musilem continet. They seem to only be seeking survival against many attempts to destroy them. Again, place a rocket in your home against me and I will destoy your house
America became so big. so strong, so fast, because we believe in hope. Many of your people live here today because they do to.

4:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why is there ALWAYS fighting in the Middle East?? Why can't you people get along? Not only with each other but with the west as well? You all know there's been bloodshed since biblical times. Give it a rest already!
The world is tired of it and so are the innocent people of the ME.

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's face it, you countries in the Middle East have been trying for decades to destroy Israel for no better reason then you are racists. You hate all western societies. We obviously can't live together so why don't all of us just try to kill as many of each other as is possible, using all weapons at our disposal. After the dust has settled and the few survivors can go at it until the other society is destroyed. Then would you be happy? I guess I just don't understand what the hell you want. It looks to me like you want war with Israel. Well, you got your wish. You think there should be rules in war? I don't think you really do. You just want rules when it effects your people. I don't hear an apology for your wonderful Hezbollah's indiscriminate attacks on Israeli civilians. Your a bunch of idiots. You say you just want to live in peace but your citizens are constantly attacking westerners around the world. Your really lucky we don't have your mentality or you would cease to exist.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not know how everyone can be so ignorant anybody in the entire world can open there eyes and watch what has been going on for years, but yet there are still those who bury their heads in the sand and pretend Hezbollah is the good guy what is wrong with you I just left Beirut, and I saw what was going on with my own unbias eyes. You think Hezbollah is ok because they have good welfare benefits Hello its coming from IRAN. It is worthless to even try to talk with you when you will not open your eyes you believe what your fathers fathers father has spond in the children of Lebanon for decades. You can plainly see that rocket LAUNCHER hide under that APARTMENT COMPLEX and then commence firing HEZBOLLAH is the one that killed 60 people in my home town of Qana

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:43
Do you know anyting? First of all I am not with Hizbullah, but they have never attacked anyone outside of people invading Lebanon. Do not generalize the Middle East. When the U.S. does something, people do not also blame Canada. It is the same with the countries in the Middle East. The government has cloaked all people that they do not agree with under the word 'terrorist'. Hizbullah is not Hamas or the Taliban. They only care for Lebanon. The people in Lebanon are not racist against Israelis. They could not honestly care less about them. They just want to be left alone. You think that Israel is just the victim when they have an equal part in the war. By the way, it is Israel who wants the rules in war. they claim that Hizbullah is not a legitimate army and does not fight like one. They would like them to just target military sites. Maybe Israel should listen to thier own advice.
When a country does not allow its Arab citizens to gain citizenship, then it is that country that is racist. It is Israel and Israel alone who makes the association between its country and Judaism. No country in the Middle East has a solely Muslim population. Only Israel thinks that it has the right to contain its citizenship only to Jews. And since when is Israel more Western than Lebanon. If anything, Lebanon is just as advanced.

Anonymous 6:49
When the Jews first came to Palestine, thousands of years ago, all religions lived in peace together. This time it is different because the Jewish people want the land all for themselves. If they had come, wanting to live along side of the Arabs who had been living there for years, they would have accepted them with open arms. Instead, they come with guns and undeserved violence.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Nassrallah said...

I wonder what Ramsay, Tarek and all the other Hizbullah freedom fighters will say when Iran and Syria transforms the lovely Beirut to a teheran like city where Women have no rights.... and Religion rules every aspect of your life.... lets see what the front page of timeout beirut will look like? where will the night life be? where will the beaches , foreign investment, beirut fun, beirut sex? beirut food? will be?? probably in Israel.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous El Connardo said...

i'm against all kind of extremism, the muslim one, or the jewish one. let's hope one day this region will be free of religious fights, so we can can all go clubbing in beirut and tel aviv!

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Live by the sword, die by the sword". Hizbollah and many muslims wanted a war so bad with Isreal, so there you go. You want to wipe them out? Did you plan to leave the women and children? You literally have said you wanted Isreal "wiped off the map" so here's your chance.

All the death, pain, and suffering in Lebanon right now is caused by militants and those who support them.

25,000 Americans were in Lebanon when this started.... vacationing, living, and enjoying the Lebanon people, so give me a break we wanted this, you brought it on yourselves with 10,000 year old crap, religious freaks, and kids with guns who never grew up.

The honest truth is I never hated muslims in my life until I realized how much they hated me.

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Kamal said...

A very very good point!! still sad to read this.

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok Ramsay and Tarek and HB and team - please could you also post the following link to promote discussion, Merci.

1:40 AM  
Blogger miltonbradley said...

Hey Topo just remember who saved
your country from Japenese
during wwII.
You dumb Fuck! Maybe you should die
I Love USA!!!!

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

as a american, I cant help but wonder why the hell we are even there.Our own country is screwed up with many promblems, yet our President wants to tell the world how to live. He believes, give in to us are we will find a way to kill you, get rid of you, make you disapear. Such a lovely man. He is a dictator in his own right. Het, he can screw the American people for his term, then live like a King on our hard earned money for the rest of his life.
Just a American, born and raised here :)

2:58 AM  

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