Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mona and the Sea Turtles

This is dedicated to our dearest dearest dearest Mona
Our sea turtle savior
Who has refused to leave her village in the South
“Qulayleh” or “Mansooreh” is the name of the village
It is one of the southern border seashore villages in Lebanon
that has been shelled non stop
since the beginning of this war
Mona loves to laugh and when we call her to give her strength
She is the one who gives it back
She has a request from all loved ones
To keep sending jokes so that she recharges her batteries
Zeina she loves the whaling wall joke so please if you have any more
Pass them on.
This morning, on the 19th of July they cut off their Internet lines
And her lovebirds are without food.
I wrote this text just like a song
Inspired by Mona’s beautiful spirit
We love her so much and we wish her to be endlessly safe
Pass her story on
So that the world learns a bit about life not about death
In solidarity,

Mona and the sea turtles
Up in the south
Bombing bombing bombing
But they don’t shout
Living in the orange house
In an orange grove
Eating watermelon
Tomatoes and pickles

Soor the sensitive dog
He doesn’t dare go out
Unless he has to pipi caca or check things out
He sits in the corner
Looking at his mama
Wet eyes rolling with questions and fear
That Mona keeps answering with a hug

Poopee the strong dog
She wants to defend her mama
By barking and biting thin air every time an airplane flies by
Needless to say she hasn’t stopped barking
Since the war has started
and the airplanes haven’t stopped
Now Mona is begging her to stop

Mantoof the funny parrot
With every shell he pulls one of his feathers out
He has none left except on his head
Mona keeps holding him and saying
I love you Mantoof together we can pull this war out

The two lovebirds are in crisis
No food left
Mona called this morning
Saying girls please help
We suggested cracked wheat and maybe a lettuce leaf
Please if any of you are bird experts
Hear us out send recipes
for lovebirds under siege

As for the goats well they still hop around
Thinking that the bombs are just another sound
They look at Mona with a smile
Saying to her as long as you are here we are fine

The fruits and vegetables still grow
In silence but resiliently their heads they show
Mona with her humor says to the world
When the war is over
if she sees another watermelon
she will simply go numb and cold

Every morning at sunrise
under bombing and siege
Biba and Mona walk down to the white sandy beach
to check on the sea turtles and their nests
they count the eggs as the Israelis watch them from their boats
thinking to themselves these women must be toads
caring for others while they are being killed
they must have something wrong with their heads
mona looks them in the eye
and sends them a big smile
saying to them out loud
you plant death and we grow life


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