Saturday, July 22, 2006

Last ship out

The last British naval vessel sails today with the last British evacs. As I write the Israelis are mounting their forces on the southern border ready to come in. Reports in the New York Times say that America has begun shipping 5000 pound laser guided bombs to Israel capable of destroying concrete bunkers built deep under ground. They will be loud. The Israelis have also just bombed the LBC news channel stopping its local broadcasts. LBC is the popular Christian TV channel originally founded by the Lebanese Forces and Samir Geagea. Mobile phone stations have also been hit. Don't know how long we will have the web. Shame on Israel for its murder. Shame on America. The proprietors of war. How we will get out later I do not know. But the panic in people's eyes is frightening. The country is fucked.


Blogger Alon said...

Dear mr.RS,

my name is Alon.i live in tel-aviv and read your article published in TIME-OUT Tel-Aviv.I wanted to say that i feel sorry for what you're going through.i feel sorry for the loss of lives of innocent people from both's wrong.As a culture lover,i feel sorry for the loss of what you built through the last years in Beirut and wish to visit there in times of peace.i Also think that the lebanonic people are not deserve of that reality forced on them.Though,while 2 members of your government are from the Hizbulla it's hard not to believe that some of you do want the same thing as Hizbulla wants together with Iran and Syria presidents-the destruction of Israel. it seems from here that many of the lebanonic people are together with Hizbulla in their thinking that terror can win .that's why the Hizbulla kidnapped our 2 soldiers from the begining.
i'm not much politicaly involved but i do think that your government should ask for help to get stronger and then to be able to reject the Hizbulla out from itself.
I also feel,that as time goes by,we are not getting closer in our minds and hearts and the chance for peace in this beutiful area just becoming less realistic.

i wish you quiet nights,full of productive writing on other topics than war.



1:57 AM  
Anonymous Michael Newcomb said...

Shame on America. The proprietors of war.

I can understand your anger. After all, if my home town was being bombed I would also lash out at all of those who support the aggressors. Unfortunately, you are too close to the situation and fail to see the real reason for your plight. Hezbollah got you into this situation (when it acquired weapons that can strike far into Isreal) and it will only be the disarmament of Hezbollah that will eventually get you peace.

If Hezbollah and Hamas (and every other militant muslim) had its way, every Jew - young and old would be gutted and thrown into the sea. Why can't you see that any group, such as Hezbollah that openly advocates for the destruction of an entire race must be eliminated?

There is much shame to go around ... including the shame on the Lebonese people for allowing Hezbollah to sacrifice its children in the name of hate.

2:10 AM  
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