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I thought long and hard before posting this work by Nadine Touma, Sivine Ariss and Nour Saab. Ultimately the fact is that these are civilians dying, children dying, not human shields and not Hezbollah. Israel's continuous murder of children - in Occupied Palestine and now in Lebanon must be known. Art is perhaps the most effective way when media falls short.

see also my friend mazen kerbaj's blog:


Blogger Elissar said...

On Saturday an estimated 15, 000 Lebanese Muslims, Christians and Palestinians gathered at Sydney's Town Hall. They marched in solidarity with the people of Lebanon and Palestine. It was a peaceful rally - for one hour at midday Sydney's city hub stopped for us...wish I could upload the pics but this blog doesn't give me the option.

3:18 PM  
Blogger RS said...

whats your email elissar?
ill get in touch.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You teach your kids to hate Christians, Jews, and Buddhists,,, too bad they now have to pay the price for your ignorance.. eh?

1:19 AM  
Anonymous Terrorist Destroyer said...

If you do not want innocent men, women and children to be killed then run Hezzbullah out of your country, until then the fight against terrorism will go on no matter where they hide.

2:03 AM  
Anonymous young american said...

Thats interesting, because Israel was killing innocent Lebanese children before Hezbollah even existed....and, anonymous...aka, we don't teach our children to hate. even if we did, children should never have to pay for other's ignorance. What about the large minority of Christians in Lebanon? I guess since they're not "haters" they should be spared? And back to terrorist destroyer, if this were a fight against "terrorism", the majority of deaths/targets wouldn't have been civilian. How many Hezbollah have died? This is a political iniative at the expense of the Lebanese people, not a fight against terror. The Israelis are terrorists too.

2:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm an Israeli who lives in Haifa. it is frightening. I do hate what the IDF is doing. I think it is horrible. and should be stopped immediately! I'm too young to know the first war in Lebanon ( I was just a kid then) but I can understand it now. it is unbelievable. seeing those images and reading your blogs make my heart break.

I do however think there are so many wrong things in this sticker. I'm sure someone from Israel can make one of those sticker to make the opposite point. you know what I'm talking about. just put hamas and Iran in the equation. we have some pictures too. you're getting where I'm going.

We will all survive this war. I know it. Beirut will too. it will take time. but it will. lets just be smart enough not to make it happen again. I will do what I can (can I??) on my side. please do some too.

4:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I agree that some statements made here are from ignorant minds, I want to point out that Hezbollah does in fact use Lebanese as human shield when they built their infrastructer among the civilian population. I'm of the opinion that if a militaristic organization can stand upon itself, that it would not need to operate their business among the civilian population, but would rather choose to make their home away from the masses. Therein lies the difference between terrorist organizations and legitimate ones, the protection of the people for which they stand to support.

4:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whiel this picture makes a point, I think that the point is mis-directed. This reminds me of the old argument about how the gun companies are responsible for people being murdered, not the the person who bought the gun and chose to do the murdering.

I guess, using the "art" as an example, that we should assume that Iran is murdering Israelis, by indirectly supporting and funding Hezbollah. Now we can assume that Lebanon as a whole is responsible for Israeli deaths sseing how the country recognizes Hezbolah as a legitimate political party. Since you Mr. Ramsay Short, living in Lebanon, are you responsible for Israeli deaths now?

That is the problem with that argument, and the so called "art."

4:39 AM  
Anonymous bob in america said...

This picture is exactly the sort of arab/muslim hate-mongering that has kept the mid-east at war for most of the last century.

It is obvious that your pity doesn't extend to the tens of thousands of jewish children you people have butchered during the past sixty or seventy years.

Art my ass. Vicious, heartless propaganda is a far more accurate description, and your use of it makes you what we call a "yellow" journalist.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to all of you out there considering that this is propaganda please tell me why do you have
a holocaust museum in every corner
every contry every mind every media every minute.
with each breath you breathe you breathe wanting people to pay for your injustice which indeed was an injustice! you are the great teachers of manipulation and victimization please teach us how you have and still do manilupate the media all over the world so they can cary over your pain and cry with you over your losses
and keep seeing you as the eternal victims and
never are you the butchers!!!!! we are
so glad that this image triggered such comments
because it shows true colors of blue and white after all!
since you claim to be the longest living democracy in our part of the world please teach us how your democratic state deffends itself by breaking all the international laws and agreements that you have signed but you use when it is appropriate to attack others but never to be on the side of human rights and justice.
anyway thank you for the lessons about art
and propaganda we thought you would appreciate
what we did since you are the masters of it!
enjoy your democracy and cornering yourself
in self pity and hatred.
the team who did this ad!
nadine, sivine and nour

1:30 PM  
Blogger Lilu said...

is this really the team who did the ad??? again, not that I expect much from people who resort to the cheap and disrespectful ways of horror photos to gain support, but as some form of graphic artists (you seem to know your way around Photoshop), I'd expect at least more eloquence than in this comment...

I'll say this much for this piece of supposed art: at my end of year review, one of our teachers said the following (I study graphic design) - the intelligence of good design is getting the response subtly, without retorting to shock value.
Nuff said.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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