Monday, July 17, 2006

Israeli Propaganda Leaflets - Crude and Cowardly

Check these leaflets out dropped from the skies. They cannot possibly think many people in Lebanon will be sympathetic to them – the majority see Israel as the snake charmer and the US as its Cobra (which works the other way round too). Who's really calling the shots you wonder?

Sunday afternoon saw increased propaganda efforts by Israel against the people of Lebanon as fighter jets flew over the South of the country and Beirut dropping leaflets warning of increased bombing attacks and telling Lebanese to stay away from Hezbollah.
Two of the leaflets featured depictions of Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah as a Cobra destroying Lebanon.
The first, which was dropped Saturday night, shows a map of Lebanon with Nasrallah a snake rising out from his headquarters in the southern suburbs of Beirut mouth open wide with fangs ready to eat the country. The Arabic words next to the image say: ‘To the Lebanese People: Know that from the front he’s your brother but from behind he is a cobra.’
The second features the outline of Lebanon with President Bashar al Assad of Syria, Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinjad as snake charmers playing flutes with Nasrallah rising as a cobra out of a jar that is Beirut.
The third pamphlet is writing saying that the Israeli military will increase its bombardment of Hezbollah, weapons dumps and military targets in the south of Lebanon and in the south of Beirut. It continues: ‘For your safety and our wish not to hurt civilians you should not be near to place where Hezbollah is or with anyone working against the land of Israel. You will be in danger.
‘Let it be known that continued terrorism against Israel will not allow you to be in peace in the future.’
In downtown Beirut next to the Marina, people could be seen on the streets ripping up the leaflets.


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