Monday, July 17, 2006

Israeli bombs over my head

I woke up to an Israeli bomb hitting Beirut port about 200 meters from my house this morning at 6.45 am. At 7am I did a phone in with Sky News explaining ths situation here.I went down to the port to see the damage. As plumes of smoke rose I discovered that two more civilians have been killed here.
It's sad but not surprising considering Israel's past record of indiscriminate killing that their professed aim to bomb only HEzbollah targets actually actually means an attack on the civilian population, Lebanese infrastructure and supplies.
Not the best way to get people to like you. But as usual Israel doesn't seem to care as Israeli lives are valued higher than anyone else's especially Arabs.
Wholly depresssing.
And the campaign of psychological terror on the people of Lebanon, fraying nerves and always keeping you living on the edge is a war crime. It is madness.
It's very difficult to watch Beirut revert to years past like this. It is even more difficult to understand what it is like to live under constant threat of Israeli bombardment never knowing when they'll hit.
I went down to my local dekaneh (corner store). Tony the 40 year old man who runs the store told me over an Arabic coffee, 'I am christian, I don't hate anybody. But these Israelis I hate. They are beyond evil. They want to kill Hassan Nasrallah. Let them kill him. But the children, Muslim, Christian whatever. THe pictures I saw yesterday. I cried. They are killing us again this country in their jealousy for all that we have and all that they don't.'
I bought some water and labneh baladieh and left. Lots of assignments today for the Telegraph.
For the moment at least I still have electricity.
Holding tight


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