Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A good education

This image is of Israeli children writing on IDF missiles : To hezbollah with love the words say.

There is only one terrorist group here Ehud Olmert and Israel. Genocide is being committed.

I was on the line with my good friend Clancy Chassay who made it down to Tyre and is stuck there. Tyre is cut off from the rest of the south as it is being bombarded constantly. It's dangerous to move around and there are thousands of refugees desperate to get to Lebanon and who cannot get anywhere. Clancy is ok. Read his stuff in The Guardian.

There are more dead than is reported. Clancy is telling me there are burning villages and in Tyre there are buildings with children and people buried in rubble from ISraeli bombardments trying to get out.

Read the news here first.

I shall keep posting pictures you wont see in the press.

Remember this is nothing but genocide and ethnic cleansing.


Blogger ana salsi said...

horrific.... to get children involved and transfering onto them a hatred they can barely understand, in an unspeakably sadistic act... aarrrggghh... it's so revolting! well put, good education, right?!

7:49 PM  
Blogger C. said...

These photos are simply appalling. I posted a couple in a journal entry on a different site and was viciously attacked by someone (a Lebanese no less) who actually accused me of 1)spreading the message of hate and 2)being a pawn to propaganda - just how does one react to that kind of ignorance?! I am all for circulating these images because they are a clear reflection of the kind of mentality that operates behind the deadly war machine, that the whole world needs to see. Like I said in my blog, it is claimed that these photos are staged with an explanation offered here (not convincing at all) Whether these kids were egged on by photographers/supervising adults, or not, doesn't make them any less appalling in my eyes. Anyone who uses children to spread messages of hate makes me sick.
That said, great idea for this blog, I shall link to it.

11:06 PM  

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