Sunday, July 16, 2006

The beginning

Just to introduce myself I am a journalist, Editor of Time Out Beirut, author of The Hedonist's Guide to Beirut and DJ, who has been living here in the city and writing about it and its people since 2001.
What we are witnessing now is the beginning of the end of a beautiful story and beautiful city in the midst of reconstruction, vibrant, teaming with culture and life.
Don't watch the TV news. The real news you'll get from here where myself and a collective of expert writers and commentators and natives of the city will tell you our personal stories and the true story behind the Israeli attacks and situation in a town which in the space of a few days has been transformed from the jewel of the Middle East to to the darkest days of its war torn past.
Incidentally the reason the background of this blog is black is because we are in mourning here. I hope to make it white as soon as there is some hope. Stay connected.


Blogger ana salsi said...

Hi Ramsay, my name is Ana, I am Portuguese and a very close friend of Tala, who passed me on this link. i was suppose to come to Beirut next week for the wedding.. I am very happy to know you are starting this blog, as I am spending my minutes in front of the computer searching for valid news.. I have passed this link to a few friends who are also craving for serious info.
I have been to Lebanon before, and witnessed what an amazing country it is, its people, all the positivism in rebuilding a country that is once again being torn apart. It is all so dramatically sad... we are all praying for you and for it to be over soon.

10:38 PM  
Blogger TINTIN said...

Hi Ramsay, I am Qing,living in France now. I get this link from the Blog of your chinese colleage in TIME OUT group. I am worried about my lebanese friends in Lebanon now for the vacation. I just can't get any contact from them. Hope the war will be over very soon. Let me hope

2:03 PM  
Blogger Michael said...


I am an Israeli. My name is Michael. I just finished reading your story in the Tel Aviv Tim Out and was filled with sadness and grief. I wish it did not come to that. Lebanon is an amazing country. Why can't you stop Hizbulla? Why did they have to kill and kidnapp our soldiers? why are they bombing our northern cities? what would you have done in our place? give in? pay the ransom? We don't sit in South Lebanon any more so what do the Hizbulla want with us? I have a notion - as there Iranian mentors, thet just want to destroy us.

I hope this will all be over soon.

Take care of your self.

1:41 PM  
Blogger Ilan said...

Hello Ramsey, Just finished reading your emails to the TimeOut editors world-wide that were published on TOTLV. I am an Israeli, a pacifist, always thought that war and fighting are the worst things the human kind is doing to itself but...
altough it is very sad to know that innocent people are dying in Lebanon and that the bombs are destroying the renaissance of Beirut - your point of view is SO one sided that it hurts... Let's leave aside the Palastenian issue which is much more complicated (and trust me, it is...) and focus on Hizbullah and Lebanon. Only now after this war has started, the Israeli people are begining to learn the magnitude of the arms and bunkers that Hizbullah has created and gathered along the border with us. The numbers are enormous! Do you think that they have built this just for the fun of it? are you that naive? Or maybe they are nominating themselves as the official army of the state of Lebanon? this is a murderous organization that is growing like cancer in the heart of the country (and vibrant city...) you love so much. And since this was built on the border with Israel, let me guess that they were not aiming at France,Italy or Japan...Is this a suprise for you? well, you were probably busy enjoing life in new-beirut when the hizbullah guys built this killing maching right beneath your nose. I guess that your government (or should i say "puppets government", controlled by Syria and Iran) were busy too, drinking and sitting on the beautiful beaches of Lebanon while Nassrallah was busy building an army...INSIDE your towns and cities, INSIDE civilians residential area. RIGHT NEXT to your appartment! You probably heard it a thousand times before - but we have the right to defend ourselves, we (too) have the right to go to bars (in Haifa), visit our family (in the Galilee) and go to the beach (in Rosh Hanikra) witout missiles from your hizbullah friends falling on us. And when we do defend ourselves (following the attack that started by the Hizbullah!) and try to demolish what you let the Hizbullah guys build, this is causing damage to your civilan cities because YOU let them build their army in your civilan cities! You (all of you) have closed your eyes when it was not convenient for you to see what is being built under your nose, among you. Listen to what nassarallah is saying. he is calling and aiming for the destruction of Israel and he is using YOUR country, YOUR infrastructure to get a chance to do it.
You seem like a very intelligent man, but not that brave. If you had the balls needed (and excuse my language here)you would write your emails to the Lebanonian leaders, blaming them for letting this cancer grow inside you, letting terror and hatred nest in your land and, eventually, lead to the destruction of Lebanon.

I really hope that someday we will be able to sit together, on the shores of Tel Aviv or the restaurants of Beirut and enjoy the peace. in the meanwhile, start fighting your cancer.

Wishing you all the best and Shalom!

Ilan, Tel Aviv

4:52 PM  

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